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  1. Hello Pascal Is it acceptable to create an account and order/payment in English? Thanks Phil
  2. Thanks so much, Manuel. Very clever and useful. Thanks also Lin for the explanation. Phil
  3. Thank you so much, MUR. I will be able to spend many hours trying to learn how you achieved these effects. I appreciate your sharing. Phil
  4. I agree. Excellent idea. You do great work, Dom, and should be able to sell the results at a reasonable price. I have purchased your templates in the past. Phil Ryan
  5. Thanks so much Lin - very much appreciated. I continue to admire your skill and willingness to share. Best wishes. Phil
  6. Thank you. Big day here and at Anzac Cove/Gallipoli and at Villers Bretonneux. Phil melbourne
  7. I really enjoyed seeing Corsica through your lens and production. Great images, both in quality and content and your editing works very well with the music. Thank you.
  8. PTE created MP4s play OK on my Samsung Note 10.1 2014 but I copy them to the device and do not play them from a "thumbdrive". Phil
  9. Thank you for sharing this. Appreciated. Phil
  10. Thanks so much, Dave. Appreciated. Phil
  11. Hi Dom, Very impressive - but then, your templates usually are!! Good to see you back Phi
  12. Hi I really enjoyed your show - well thought out, crafted and presented. The writing and narration added so much, too. Regards.....Phil
  13. Dave G, Thank you VERY much. That's just what I needed and do not know why I could not find it with all my looking! As I wondered, it was still set up for PS Elements and perhaps because the file no longer existed, my actions were being ignore. I have now updated it and it works as it should. Thanks to Bob and you for your good advice. Appreciated. Regards Phil
  14. Thanks so much for your response, Bob. You have confirmed that the problem must be in my set-up (somewhere). When I select "Edit File" from a slide with an actual image file I do not get any response at all. I guess I need to keep thinking. Regards Phil
  15. I would appreciate any confirmation that the function to open a photo editor is still working correctly in V7. When I right click on a slide and select "Edit File" to set up an editor or open the image in my editor nothing happens. Similarly if I hit Control+W I do not get a response. I have used the function previously and the only changes are the new PTE Versions, I have deleted my previous editor (Photoshop Elements) and installed Photoshop CS5. I have version 7.0.3 and it was happening (or not happening) in previous Version 7s. Thanks in advance for any advice. Phil
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