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  1. misterk

    (Solved) Missing Waveform Button

    This is what I've been looking for, sorry Guy'sr, sorry guy's
  2. misterk

    (Solved) Missing Waveform Button

    Apologies to you, all I think I have been looking for something that was in previous versions, whilst following an old Barry Beckham tutorial
  3. misterk

    (Solved) Missing Waveform Button

    No Dave, it's the waveform button that should be at the bottom left of the projects audio window
  4. misterk

    (Solved) Missing Waveform Button

    I sent the wrong screenshot first, this second one show it does not matter which panel view I'm in there is no waveform button
  5. misterk

    (Solved) Missing Waveform Button

    My PC keyboard has now packed in I'll get back to you both when I've fixed it
  6. misterk

    (Solved) Missing Waveform Button

    Thanks Dave but that makes no difference
  7. I'm using the latest Deluxe 9.0.20 and I have no Waveform button in the Timeline preferences Box so have no access to the waveform. I'm on a PC running windows 7 I've searched the Forum and can only find a similar post way back in 2010. Help anyone?
  8. misterk

    Spam, Spam & more Spam [SOLVED]

    You are Lucky Gerard, I get six to ten every day which I don't think is acceptable
  9. I know it's not new but all I get from the forum now is Spam. What is going on? I think I am going to have to unsubscribe cos this is rediculous
  10. misterk


    All of a sudden, notification of Forum posts in my emails are all spam Anyone else affected ?
  11. misterk

    Questions on License Keys

    Igor you really should sort out this licence key business, I have not had too much difficulty in the past but it has never been a strait forward thing. I've been using all versions up 7.5, now I have tried to upgrade to 8 and I'm told that my licence key is incorrect or damaged. I've read all the posts on the Forum and see loads of people (Including advanced members are having trouble. It is very frustrating that I cannot make it work misterk Crazyhorse
  12. misterk


    Hi Barry My display 1920 x 1200 Best regards Ian
  13. misterk

    windows 7 64 bit

    Sorry Yachtsman, I did not make clear, these are old EXE shows made with PTE 6 on my old PC that play perfectly well on my old machine and my laptop but not on the new PC misterk