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  1. ronwil

    Pushing the Limits

    You can cut out one of those scratchings Lin. I have just played it back three times without the sound glich. Must have been my computer getting worn out like me. Regards Ron [uK]
  2. ronwil

    Pushing the Limits

    I experienced the same sound blip at the beginning as Cor Post #5. Otherwise it worked fine. NVIDIA GeForce 7600GS 256 Mb. Ron [uK]
  3. ronwil


    I am adding my congratulations and thank you here Igor, having avoided using the Pinned entry for the PTE 5.0 release. The Pinned entry is becoming swamped with laudits and rightly so. Is it possible to separate these from the Pinned entry. I am going into hospital shortly and when I get home again I don't want to wade through to find out if there has been any update to the programme such as the small one recently. Thanks again Ron [uK]
  4. ronwil

    Button Mouse Clicking

    I am on a one click regime on my main computer any way, but I have had similar problems to the one you describe, even previously with version 4.48. In this way I have had the sequence running twice with "echo" sound. One way I have used is to press rather than click - sometimes it works. Ron [uK]
  5. Ron I think John's statement is correct. It is the dishonest people who will find there way around. Where I live the local authority closed off a through road and as a consequence diverted the "rat-run" via my road. The local authority overcame the problem by painting SLOW on the road. The dishonest or unthoughtful people ignore it. Ron [uK]
  6. ronwil

    Hot air Ballooning Show

    Thank you John for your greetings. Ron [uK]
  7. ronwil

    Hot air Ballooning Show

    Downloaded OK and well worth it. I really enjoyed the sequence, which gave an ideal documentary of a hot-air balloon flight from start to finish. The aerial shots - the church depicting the perfect shape of the cross; the patterns on the ground; etc. The landing. with the turf being disturbed by the basket as it came to rest on its side with the happy occupants. Well done, I will watch it again. Ron [uK]
  8. ronwil

    queries with regards to AV Competions

    I have opened this thread up, not as a can of worms, but to be current with Andrew's "Slide shows created in PicturesToExe> Pinned: Grading Shows...." On the very few occasions, when I have been asked to judge an AV competition, I have resorted to a method similar to Andrew's, making notes of particular points. Ron [uK]
  9. ronwil

    Screen %

    Geoff No apparent distortion. Ron [uK]
  10. ronwil

    Screen %

    I have not been able to establish the purpose of the "Safe TV Zone". However I achieved a satisfactory TV presentation without clipping by changing in PTE the Screen>Screen Options - Aspect Ratio from "4:3 PC/DVD" to "16:9". There is a black band either side of the image but the whole image is displayed. Ron [uK]
  11. ronwil

    Screen Resolution

    I use 1024 x 768 on a 17" flat screen. My projector is XGA Resolution 1024x 768 Ron [uK]
  12. ronwil

    Key for Delux PTE

    Peter Have you read my post? Ron [uK]
  13. ronwil

    Key for Delux PTE

    Hello Peter I was faced with exactly the same problem just a couple of days ago, but instead of going on the forum I went to WnSoft Support copied to Igor. The submission was late evening but received a satisfactory response the following morning. I had saved the Reg.txt attachment in my PTE 5.0 folder, so having slept on it I opened 5.00 beta #11A and clicked on the Video button. Selected "Create DVD disc" and received the invitation to load the registration key. This I did by browsing the PTE 5.0 folder and clicking on Reg.txt and the indication was that I had successfully registered. The responses from Support and Igor followed. The team are probably enjoying a well earned weekend break at the moment so you may want to proceed with my method in para 2. You may also save a copy of the Reg.txt file and renaming it pte.key. Hope this helps and best wishes. Ron [uK]
  14. ronwil

    Bug Reports v5.00 beta

    No trails on mine either. NVidia GeForce 7600. Ron [uK]
  15. What are you up to Barry? Why have we got to re-read Al's last post? Have you got a bug in your system? Ron [uK]