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  1. I have made a slideshow that is about 5 minutes long, with about half the time as videos (2min 30 sec.) and half as images. All the video files are in PTE converted. The PTE file is 286KB. The EXE file is 340.706KB. When I save the EXE file as a zip file, it hardly becomes smaller. The EXE zip file for PC is 338.238KB The zip file for MAC is 338.575KB The PTE file published as an MP4 is 474,515KB I was under the impression that zip files were compressing EXE files and make them smaller for sending over the internet. Is that not the case? Anything I can do more to make it so it can be uploaded to the "Slideshow Club" Thanks, Bert
  2. AUTUMN GOLD - new slideshow

    Supurb in every respect. Bert
  3. Upgrades

    Still NO up update button! I have PTE 9.013 went in under help and click on look for updates. IT says I have the latest update, which is 9.013. PTE9.014 is available already for 12 hours When does the button come. Bert
  4. Video Converter-more

    I would like this also. Bert
  5. Can't open this eff file. No idea how to get it in PTE. Why are some transition files as a zip file and other ones not? It would be nice if there was just a common transition depot, where you could get transitions to import. I have Windows 10. Bert
  6. Upgrades

    I just went thru this, I am a long time user of PTE but every time it tells me there is an update I get confused by that choice for a trial or to buy. So please have a separate update button as Barry suggest. Bert
  7. Scale key frames on time change.

    I found why it happened, I used a slide style with 3 images, modified those in the O&A window and than changed the overall slide time. When I right clicked on the image with the modified style, I could see that in the original style the change key frame time box was ticked. Bert
  8. On The Trail of the Buffalo

    I Like the combination of the song and the South West landscapes, with the exquisite jewelry. Thanks for showing Bert
  9. I don't want my key frames to change on the time change, and have NOT ticked that box in the preferences. Since the new download, the key frame times change when I change the slide time, if I have the box NOT ticked. Can somebody with the latest download check on this and confirm. Bert
  10. Multi images in slide style

    Thanks Gary for confirming this. I was not sure if it was just my computer or not, I hope Igor can fix this in PTE10. Bert
  11. When using a slide style with a multitude of images, I notice that the images that become part of the style are not highlighted in the file list. Is it only me or Is this normal in PTE 9.011? With more than 300 images in the file list, it becomes a little difficult to keep track of the images that are in styles with multiple images. What do people do besides writing down all the slide numbers that go in a multi image styles? Bert
  12. The End Of All Our Exploring

    Very moving, images and music. Bert
  13. Hi Bert, just download the latest version and let it over write the old one. The download link is always updated.



  14. Direct Link to an Upgrade Page

    +1 Bert