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  1. Igor, I see some spam appearing on the Forum site.  Can the webmaster take care of that?




  2. Hi Igor, This morning I decided to take a new look at it. I remembered that before the show I am working on now, I had made a show with only panorama images and had in "Project Options" changed the screen size to 3:1 (1920x640). When I started with the show I am working on now, I changed the screen size back. BUT I found out that instead of to change it back to "Full Screen" I had changed it to "Windowed with Borders" and this made for the confusing "New Project 1" screen showing up on top of my PTE screen. I have set the screen size now to "Full Screen" and everything looks O.K.now. Thanks for responding. Bert
  3. I have worked for some time on a show, and after making changes have renamed the show with: Name A, Name B, etc. After the last save, when I work on the show now and use the "little Bread" button or the "Preview Button" on the top, the preview starts in a new window on top of the PTE screen that I am working on. And it is called "project 1". When I use the preview button with the 4 arrows, it works as it should be and the preview is in full screen. I have reinstalled PTE 9-22 but that did not help. Maybe I have changed a setting but having checked everything I can not find what the reason for this "Project 1" preview can be. Any ideas????? Bert
  4. I am one who still uses 16:10 as much as 16:9. Bert
  5. Dave, I have made only 1 PTE show where I used video and converted to MP4 30p. I did think the video was playing well but I could of course not compare it to 60p. I have seen by a friend what the picture on a 4k TV looks and think I wait till my TV gets to old and I am ready to buy one of these. What I noticed however is that 60p gives an MP4 file 1.4x the size of an 30p file. If we also have to make our images 3840 x 2160 pixels to see real 4K, the files will be enormous in the near future.
  6. If I can jump in on this topic? I aways made my MP4 shows 1920 x 1080 at 30p, the last one was about 6 month ago and played fine. With all the talk lately that it is better to make the MP4's at 60p, I made the MP4 of the last old show in 60p. I have an 10 year old HDTV with no media player but bought an DVD player about 7 years ago that had a media player, so I could watch all my shows on the HDTV. I was surprised when I wanted to play the last made 60p MP4 show, that I could not play it. (Can play the same show as a 30pMP4.) I figured that the age of the media player must have been the reason. My question now is when PTE10 comes out, can I play a 60p MP4 thru my old media player in the DVD or as long as I have that older media player I should only make 30p MP4 shows. Thanks, Bert
  7. Hi Gary, I can see your video even as I not have a facebook account. For the same reason as Tom says I will never sign up for a facebook account. Also I can not open your facebook page. Happy New Year, Bert
  8. Verry nice 'painting" Lin, looks like the houses here in Connecticut. Merry Christmas to everybody and a Happy New Year. Bert
  9. Hi Lin, Yes, it translates the website but not the PDF's when you download them. You still have to go page by page for those. Bert
  10. Does anyone know a method to automatically translate these sites, instead of going thru Google one page at the time?
  11. Jean, Unbelievable what you can do with this program. Thanks for showing it and giving us the style. Merry Christmas.
  12. Amazing style Tonton, thanks for supplying it. Bert
  13. I am used to the "sliced toast" and use it all the time. I like to see the incoming transition also. Don't take it away.
  14. Hi Lin, I am amazed by the image quality of the 500 and 910 mm shots. You must have done everything right, like a tripod a remote control and no wind. Bert
  15. Hi Lin, Looking forward to seeing some images with this setup. Bert
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