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  1. Bert

    Help with a printer style

    Amazing style Tonton, thanks for supplying it. Bert
  2. Bert

    The Envelope Tool in PTE9 delux

    I am used to the "sliced toast" and use it all the time. I like to see the incoming transition also. Don't take it away.
  3. Bert

    Bringing The Dead To Life.....

    Hi Lin, I am amazed by the image quality of the 500 and 910 mm shots. You must have done everything right, like a tripod a remote control and no wind. Bert
  4. Bert

    Bringing The Dead To Life.....

    Hi Lin, Looking forward to seeing some images with this setup. Bert
  5. Bert

    Moving a style

    I started working on organizing the styles, too much time-consuming. Everytime you move a style to a new category, you have to type the category. Wideangle's idea would be soooooo much faster. Bert
  6. Bert

    A Little Promotion For PTE Demo

    Seeing no lines at 1080 resolution. Bert
  7. Bert

    Moving a style

    Thank, Lin, and Dave By downloading all these styles and keeping them in the category the maker had them in, my categories kept multiplying. I have 40 categories and 4 user categories. It's becoming unwieldy and because I don't know what is in them, I have to open every category to see the style. I am going with Lin's idea to make my own categories so that I can find relevant styles quicker. Bert
  8. Bert

    Moving a style

    Thanks, Dave I see now that you can not get a new style like "wedding book style" from J.C. move to the "Wedding" category that was there already. It seems that in PTE's original top 5 style categories, nothing can be added or changed. So in my case, I must have 2 "Wedding" style categories, 2 "Border" style categories, etc.
  9. Bert

    Moving a style

    With importing all those new styles, I get more and more new categories with 1 or 2 styles in them. How do you move a style to another existing category? For instance, I imported from Lin's post the "wedding book style" from J.C. This style is now in a category called Lin's styles. I like to move this style to the category "Wedding styles" I don't see how to do that. (I looked in the user's guide but could not find it).
  10. Bert

    Trying Fonts

    Igor, It seems that after "your" step 3, and the list of fonts is closed, if you don't like the font you chose, and you still want to see other fonts on the list, you have to press the Up or Down arrow to start the list by the last font. That is not very intuitive and I think most people will use the little triangle to see the font list again. And then it starts at the top again.
  11. When putting text in an image, I don't always know what font I want. I am going down from the top of the font list to find a font, click on the name and can see in the image what it looks like. When I don't like this font I click on the little triangle next to the font name and the font list shows again. The problem is that the list always starts at the top again and not at the font you last used. So you have to go down the list again to reach the fonts you have not tried yet. With a long list of different font names, this is very tedious. Would it be possible in the NEW version of PTE, when you want to try another font again, and click the little triangle, that you start where you left off with the last font you used? So you don't have to scroll down the whole font list again all the time.
  12. Bert

    Is the forum getting slow [SOLVED]

    Within 1 second on my desktop. And I have DSL for my internet. Bert
  13. Bert

    The Market of Dong Van

    Thank you all for your comments. Much appreciated. Kieron, we keep also in contact with our guide, we will go back to Ha Giang province in September 2019 to see the rice harvest. Bert
  14. Hi, Here is a link for a show of a market in the most Northern part of Vietnam, close to the Chinese border. HD 1920 x 1080, 5min. Because it has video in it, it was too big (463MB) to put in the "Slideshowclub". Thanks to davgee for helping me to modify the "Wedding slidestyle" used in this show. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkDmjvGAaN5-hGQ7cZfSdJvB53bb for MAC https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkDmjvGAaN5-hGL9je0YhzXSkkhW for PC Bert