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  1. Do you create DVD in PicturesToExe?

    Don't burn DVD anymore only create exe and mp4 files
  2. Installation of PicturesToExe. Question [SOLVED]

    Hello Igor No more delay problem on 7.5.9 installation as I had with previous versions up to 7.5.8 System is W7 64bits RGDS Jean
  3. Installation of PicturesToExe. Question [SOLVED]

    Hello Igor, I just downloaded and installed PTE 7.5.8 The installation was still delayed for roughly 30 seconds. Jean
  4. Installation of PicturesToExe. Question [SOLVED]

    I downloaded and started installation via your latest link It works perfectly well, and without any delay. Jean
  5. Installation of PicturesToExe. Question [SOLVED]

    Igor, I also experienced this problem from 7.5 I guess To avoid the delay, I now install PTE in admin mode (Right clic, execute as admin ) My PC is W7 64 bits and I use MSE RGDS
  6. EXIF camera data?

    Igor, Could it be possible to insert as a text comment using the template JPEG EXIF Date the DateTimeOriginal in addition to DateTime? Jean
  7. New bug with 7.07

    Is this a new behavior from version 7.07? See attached images which highlight the point: C_DSC00178 was replaced by Blank in version 7.07 Jean
  8. New bug with 7.07

    Yes Xaver and different also from version 7.06 I would like to keep the same behaviour as in version 7.06 If you do not change the image (slide) name, it should keep its name (i.e. the file name in my example) In O&A screen, the image name is always correct and is ticked as main object of slide. It appears that in version 7.07, the slide is automatically renamed as blank (in the slide list) when leaving O&A screen As all my images are placed as a child of a frame, this bug is very critical for me. Jean
  9. New bug with 7.07

    OK, I understand that but it is not the point. I downloaded and installed once more PTE 7.07 with no change. The simplest way to get the problem: 1-add a new slide from file list 2-select it from slide list and open O&A application 3-add one frame 4-place the slide as a child of that frame. To do that, I delete and copy the slide with CTRL-X and then paste it to the frame with CTRL-V 5-return to main screen: the slide name is lost! Jean
  10. New bug with 7.07

    Sorry for this previous doubled post. Futhermore, If I change a slide name in O&A screen, the new name never appear in slide list... Jean
  11. New bug with 7.07

    Peter, I checked that main objet of slide box was correctly ticked. Problem occurs with one french project created with 7.06 and when leaving O&A screen for main screen. Note that in O&A screen, the slide name is always correct, even if I change the name. I just re-installed 7.07 and created a new (english test) project. It is a little bit different: After leaving O&A screen, the slide is labelled: 23.Blank Now, if I change language from english to french, I get 23.-- Jean
  12. New bug with 7.07

    Hello I just installed 7.07 to upgrade 7.06. Problem is as follow: When I add a slide by grabbing it from the file list, the slide name (file name) is correctly displayed after the slide number. exemple: 23.DSC00211 for slide 23 Now, moving to O&A, I place a frame before the slide and set the slide as a child of the frame.(CTRL-X CTRL-V) Consequently, in the slide list, the slide name disapeared and I got in the exemple 23.-- I downgraded PTE to 7.06 and corrected PTE text file to show 7.06 and slides names are now correctly displayed. Jean
  13. Jerky start to video playback

    The problem Peter highlighted occurs with 24fps video clips, where PTE converter produces fade-in glitches. I am using a D90 Nikon camera which produces 24fps MOV clips (no other choice) and will get the problem when inserting in PTE slideShow as PTE will automatically convert it. Jean
  14. Jerky start to video playback

    You're right Peter Converted 24fps mp4 files do have problem Converted 30fps mp4 files do'nt have this jerky problem Thoses files were created with Nikon D90 camera (mov files), then arranged with adobe premiere and finaly reencoded with freemake video converter. Jean
  15. Jerky start to video playback

    Hello Peter, I was just wondering myself the same question. After reading your post, I replaced the converted.avi video file with the original mp4 file and fad-in transition is far much better. Jean