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  1. chanfi22

    One Of The Neat Things Possible With PTE 9

    Hi Lin very interesting these modifiers and the usage you did. Good example for me and perhaps I'll use later
  2. chanfi22

    Trying Fonts

    Thanks Igor for this tip. It's very useful. I just have to remember it
  3. chanfi22

    Trying Fonts

    Hello +1 for this interesting improvement
  4. chanfi22

    Windows 10 Notification

    As MUR no issue for me when opening Texte Decoupe or Flaming Sky Windows 10 up to date (1803)
  5. chanfi22

    Power of Color Filters

    +1. Very good
  6. chanfi22

    Watch Styles

    Thanks Lin for this very fine and useful style. Great
  7. Hi Igor it's very clear and by the way a perfect solution. Thanks
  8. +1 and it's seems an sufficient evolution
  9. chanfi22

    Key Frame Time

    Hi Barry sure you were thinking about milliseconds and not microseconds (micro is too much for us :-)
  10. chanfi22

    A cut option for sound files

    I agree with Bruno. Il will be a very useful feature
  11. I confirm. No pb on mys desktop with NVIDIA GTX760
  12. .... but for me il too late to go back to Win 1709 because the Windows.old folder was recently supressed by OS. The only way for me is to choise (right click) the Intel graphical board when palying .exe files.
  13. Hi Igor as devegee, following Windows 10 Update (1803) and using last PTE 9.0.17 I noticed the performance is not good when using NVIDIA card and strangly the perfomance is better when using the internal Intel graphic card. I ran the dxdiag and all seems normal??