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  1. Very good news to well start this new week. Thanks Igor for the information
  2. chanfi22

    More French Forums on PTE

    No idea about your problem. And as you I use PDF Xchange Viewer (version 2. Build 197.0). Did you tried with another one PDF viewer?
  3. chanfi22

    More French Forums on PTE

    It's strange. I did and now problem to open the Tutoriel_Pte9.pdf file !!!!
  4. chanfi22

    Zoom in O&A

    I full agree with these 2 requests. Regarding the waveform, at least to be able to see one sound track among a lot, would be a great improvement to facilitate the sound and image synchronisation.
  5. Hi Igor any news from NVIDIA regarding these 2 issues?????
  6. Yes we can think and hope that NIVIDIA will do the best to fix this problem
  7. Hi Igor do you know if NVIDIA will also fix the issue related to "poor performance under Win10 (v1803) on laptops with dual NVIDIA graphics"?
  8. Good news and we are waiting and we look forward to NVIDIA's correction
  9. chanfi22

    Double-click as a switch for Opacity

    I agree with Bruno it would be a nice and useful feature
  10. chanfi22

    One Of The Neat Things Possible With PTE 9

    Hi Lin very interesting these modifiers and the usage you did. Good example for me and perhaps I'll use later
  11. chanfi22

    Trying Fonts

    Thanks Igor for this tip. It's very useful. I just have to remember it
  12. chanfi22

    Trying Fonts

    Hello +1 for this interesting improvement
  13. chanfi22

    Windows 10 Notification

    As MUR no issue for me when opening Texte Decoupe or Flaming Sky Windows 10 up to date (1803)
  14. chanfi22

    Power of Color Filters

    +1. Very good