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    Need help with error message

    Hi All, I guess I'm doing something very wrong. I reduced all my JPEGs to 800X600 and now the largest file size is 179 K. I ran it once and it seemed to work with no problems. I started adding WAVs to the remaining slides. A few of ther WAVs are as big as 250K. I downloaded BladeEnc and BladeBatch. I tried to change the WAVs to MP3s and after serveral attempts I was told every time by teh program that my WAVs could not be changed because they were not the correct type. I gave up on it. At slide 41 of 179 I got my usual error ( as stated in my original message) and with an addtitional error message. "Access violation at address 010f671C Write of address 0165EDBB" I am also running MP3 music in the background. Is there a limit on how big a slide can be with the WAV and the JPEG combined and running music in the background? Any Ideas? Bill
  2. Bill

    Need help with error message

    Hi Igor, I sent what I think you want to your Email address. I sent "Project1.pte". I'm in the process of trying to reduce further the size of the JPEGs for the slides. Thanks for your attention. Bill
  3. Hi, I am trying to put together a slide presentation as a Christmas present for the family. I want to burn it to a CD and give it out. At present I have 178 slides in the presentation and I think that will be the limit. I changed all the files to JPEGs and reduced them in size. Some of them started out at 14 MB from my digital camera and I now have the file sizes between 42 and 892 KB. I have been adding WAV sounds to some of the slides. The WAV sounds range between 3 seconds and 100 seconds. About midway through the preview presentation I get an error message. The message is: Exception Elist Error in Module P2E_Prev.exe at 000111B2. List index out of bounds. At this point the WAVs begin to repeat themselves and eventually the background music will stop. The system locks up and I have to Ctrl>Alt>Del to get out of the situation. I am using PicturesToExe v. 3.80 MS Windows ME Pentium 4 at 1300 mghz processor 256 RAM on board What can I do to solve this problem. Thanks, Bill