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  1. Very nice job, Lin. This reminds me that I forgot to present this style on the french PTE forum. I plan to do so in the coming days.
  2. Happy ney year for all the team.
  3. It may be necessary in some rare cases, but it is easier to just attach a second time the image as a child, to adjust the shadows as needed, and then put on the child image all the KF you need to manage its opacity. The interest of processing this way is that you take benefit of all the shadow styles which are embeded in PTE. PTE shadow styles are underknown, and a tuto showing when to use these different styles would be welcome.
  4. Do you mean you need a différent opacity for the shadow than for the the image itself ? Do you really need such a refinement ?
  5. Hi Lin. I have no doubts that sometimes the "Shadow" button can't do what we want, but the exception is not the rule, and in the present case, this tuto which seems targeted to the beginners is counterproductive. There are so many things wich are complex and diffuicult to do under PTE animations, when something is easy to achieve, why not just hit the right button ? This is why I ask the question to Barry. What is the purpose of this tuto ? May be I missed something.
  6. Hi, May be I missed something but I don't understand the purpose of this Tuto. If I want to drop a shadow around an image, I click the "Shadow" button and I adjust the shadow parameters according to my wishes. What is the problem with the shadow function included in PTE ?
  7. I work this way for 10 years and never met any disaster. When I want to use Pan and Zoom, I just have to change the name of the subfolder, from "Current" to "Original", and everything is OK. Every day, all my files are saved in a separate cabinet using Acronis routines. I have more than 120 projects organized this way. Of course, my true original files (RAW, MOV, WAV...) are on a separate disk.
  8. In my case I often have the same name for different images in different folders, so the solution given by Igor is OK for me, and the one from Denis is not. This case is very frequent for me because I always use 2 folders, one for the images in 1080 height for normal use, and one with the maximum size to be able to zoom inside the image, and very often I make a view with the small size because I want to navigate rapidely with the keyboard between views, and then a view with the maximum size which includes pan and zoom actions. To-day I can't save my project in a zip file, because I have too many files to rename.
  9. Hi Manuel. This is one of the reasons I dislike the dark interface. The controls are easier to visualize and manipulate on the white background.
  10. I make video tutorials in french, and many users ask me also a PDF abstract, because it is faster to go to the point when you remember the solution of your problem is in this tuto but you don't know exactly where. Don't hesitate to write PDF tutorials, Ronnie, they will be vey usefull for many people !
  11. It sounds logical. People who organize public shows would also appreciate an extra command line parameter allowing to disable the navigation bar when launching a PTE exec file, because sometimes the author forgets to do so. May be you can consider this point as a request for a future version.
  12. If you include this new option only when the navigation bar is activated, you don't need an extra button, because for a competition the navigation bar is not activated.
  13. Yes I Know, and this is why I will ask for it at any new version, even if I can understand it is not a high priority.
  14. Here it is. Not OK under "Objects and animations"
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