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  1. Tonton Bruno

    Maximum Number of Images

    For me, as a spectator, a PTE slide show with a good sound track (voice, music and sound effects) with a duration of 5 minutes, it's OK. 10 minutes is too long and I stop the project before the end, or I leave the show-room if I can. If I can't leave my chair, I start to speak with my neibours.
  2. Tonton Bruno

    Nikon / Adobe Collaboration

    This is also the case for the D850 and I apreciate this option.
  3. Tonton Bruno

    Music input levels

    Just drag the video to the PTE sound track, and you get it as a separete sound track. No need for an external conversion.
  4. Tonton Bruno

    fit cover and more

    OK. So the request is about an automatic frame adaptation for masks included in a style or a custom transition, according to the screen aspect ratio set in the project. Is it that ?
  5. Tonton Bruno

    fit cover and more

    Hi Denis. Do you suggest to modify the proportions of the image ? Not a smart choice for people or monuments...
  6. Tonton Bruno

    Blending mode "Add"

    No problem, but your phone is rude ! I read every new tuto from Jesus Ramirez and I learn tons of things about Photoshop, and yes I use maybe 5% of them !
  7. Tonton Bruno

    Blending mode "Add"

    Here a link to a tutorial explaining what you can do with Photoshop blending modes.
  8. Tonton Bruno

    Nine Images or Videos

    Thank you Dave, great job !
  9. Tonton Bruno

    Flips and Swaps CTs Category

    Great job ! Congratulations !
  10. Time line scaling and audio track in O&A would be very useful. I'm sure that we all would accept to wait PTE 10 3 months more and get these features.
  11. Tonton Bruno

    Automatic text name

    It would be nice to get a text name automatically taking the 15 first characters of the text contents.
  12. Tonton Bruno

    Do you burn DVD video in PTE?

    I presume we can find many free softwares able to read a mp4 file and convert it to a DVD format. In my humble opinion, there is no need for such a feature in PTE 10.
  13. Tonton Bruno

    Help with a printer style

    sorry for this quiproquo. As I was not able to read the link I didn't know what to think. Yes I learned it from JPD, and I found the Igor version more elegant. One last point, when the cube rotates, I turn the last face of 180° in order to never show faces with head down.
  14. Tonton Bruno

    Help with a printer style

    Sorry Dave, but I only see the message " You dont have permission to see it". I saw your new post "ross cross cube" and I guess you think I copied your style. I did'nt know it and I made my cube by myself several years ago. I made a tutorial (in french) in 2013 to present how to build a box, a square box beeing just a variation. http://diapositif.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=37919