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  1. This is the way to configure it. Personaly I prefer to use a grid 10 by 10, with the orange lines crossing at the center of the screen. This is useful to evaluate the position of any subject. If you use the shape transition, you can then give precise coordinates for the center of the effect. And then you obtain a fine result. This way to work was described many years ago by Aginum on Diapositif forum.
  2. Hi Barry. You already have the grid in the O&A window. I don't see were you want to put an extra grid, and what will be the purpose. Could you please develop ?
  3. When I select a transition, I have sometimes the feeling that PTE suggest me just the contrary of what I wish! I'm sure it will be thery usefull if we have a way to check a box stating: "Keep these settings as my default settings". I put an image just to illustrate the request and to show you what I have to modify each time I want to use this transition.
  4. The interest vraries for each spectator, and even for the same spectator the interest varies with days and seasons. This is why you should try to not be longer than 10 minutes. You would have a chance to catch the attention of a maximum of spectators, and it is a kind of respect for the time of each spectator. I consider it is strongly impolite to speak during more than 10 minutes without knowing if what you are saying is realy interesting for the person who is in front of you.
  5. For me, as a spectator, a PTE slide show with a good sound track (voice, music and sound effects) with a duration of 5 minutes, it's OK. 10 minutes is too long and I stop the project before the end, or I leave the show-room if I can. If I can't leave my chair, I start to speak with my neibours.
  6. This is also the case for the D850 and I apreciate this option.
  7. Just drag the video to the PTE sound track, and you get it as a separete sound track. No need for an external conversion.
  8. OK. So the request is about an automatic frame adaptation for masks included in a style or a custom transition, according to the screen aspect ratio set in the project. Is it that ?
  9. Hi Denis. Do you suggest to modify the proportions of the image ? Not a smart choice for people or monuments...
  10. No problem, but your phone is rude ! I read every new tuto from Jesus Ramirez and I learn tons of things about Photoshop, and yes I use maybe 5% of them !
  11. Here a link to a tutorial explaining what you can do with Photoshop blending modes.
  12. Time line scaling and audio track in O&A would be very useful. I'm sure that we all would accept to wait PTE 10 3 months more and get these features.
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