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  1. Tonton Bruno

    Automatic text name

    It would be nice to get a text name automatically taking the 15 first characters of the text contents.
  2. Tonton Bruno

    How many 64 bit installations of Windows?

    I agree with Barry. May be a solution would be to continue to maintain PTE 9 for users in 32 bits, with no more evolution. If someone doesn't want to spend money to go to 64 bits, this person will not want to spend money to go to PTE 10. There will be very few customers lost by not offering PTE 10 32 bits There is no need to offer un 32 bit version of exe generated by PTE 10. As PTE is able to offer good MP4 versions, it is enougth for people who want to stay under Windows 32 bits.
  3. Tonton Bruno

    Do you burn DVD video in PTE?

    I presume we can find many free softwares able to read a mp4 file and convert it to a DVD format. In my humble opinion, there is no need for such a feature in PTE 10.
  4. Tonton Bruno

    Help with a printer style

    sorry for this quiproquo. As I was not able to read the link I didn't know what to think. Yes I learned it from JPD, and I found the Igor version more elegant. One last point, when the cube rotates, I turn the last face of 180° in order to never show faces with head down.
  5. Tonton Bruno

    Help with a printer style

    Sorry Dave, but I only see the message " You dont have permission to see it". I saw your new post "ross cross cube" and I guess you think I copied your style. I did'nt know it and I made my cube by myself several years ago. I made a tutorial (in french) in 2013 to present how to build a box, a square box beeing just a variation. http://diapositif.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=37919
  6. Tonton Bruno

    Simulated Panning

    Thank you Barry the project is now in free downloading and I can study it.
  7. Tonton Bruno

    Simulated Panning

    Interesting ! But I will wait for a free download of a PTE demonstration project to study this effect.
  8. Tonton Bruno

    Help with a printer style

    Sory I Can't attach the video because I am limited to 3 MB a day. Here it is Tonton - Fortunately I have unlimited Bandwidth.... Lin
  9. Tonton Bruno

    Help with a printer style

    Thank you for the printer sound, Lin. So this is the final version of my style. PrintACube_Style.mp4 PrintACube.ptestyle
  10. Tonton Bruno

    Help with a printer style

    My version. Iwait a little before posting the style. May be I'll modified it. PrintACube.mp4
  11. Tonton Bruno

    AMD Ryzen performance with PTE?

    Great news !
  12. Tonton Bruno

    What is a Slide Style

    A style is a comprehensive set of the parameters for all objects incuded in a view or a set of views, such as size, color or 3D animation. You can create your own style from a view and appliy it to others views. You can also use current styles included in PTE library or created by other users and loaded in your PTE library.
  13. Tonton Bruno

    Help with a printer style

    Good job, lin ! But I don't hear the cisors cutting the paper.
  14. Tonton Bruno

    How many 64 bit installations of Windows?

    I asked the same question on Diapositif Forum. http://diapositif.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=41965 From now only users under Windows 64 bits
  15. Tonton Bruno

    Help with a printer style

    Hi Tom. This is my ultimate version. PrintAndFrame.ptestyle PrintAndFrame.mp4