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  1. Just goes to show that 'Getting Old' can have a bad effect on memory. I feel a little stupid now and, after reading the replies from Lin and Wideangle, I recall writing a tutorial on 'Creating your first slide show'. The very first section of that tutorial explained in detail how to create the folder structure I requested. I am now going to update that tutorial to cover the PTE AV studio upgrade. My thanks to Lin and Wideangle for reminding me.
  2. I am now trying to get to grips with Version 10 (AV Studio) and am not finding it very easy. I previouse versions, when creating a new slide show I simply created a ne main folder and then made sub folders within that main Folder. This doesn't seem to work in this latest version. Can someone please expain how to do this. THis is what I want to achieve: Doc1.docx
  3. Enjoy the break! You deserve a longer holiday.
  4. Hi Barry, I have been to your website but could only find video on PTE 10. What I want is, written tutorials like the ones that I create.
  5. I have just installed PTE 10 and want to create tutorials and looked for any that others have made. However, I could not find any. Can anybody steer me to any that may exist on the web? I realise that version 10 is very new, and needs some tutorials for new users.
  6. Hey Lin, have you ever written a tutorial on 'How to create a Style' ? Ron.
  7. Is this Pegasys player just for Microsoft Windows or, can it be used on a Mac?
  8. I don't understand! Why would you want a slide list to be vertical?
  9. Can you expand your thoughts on this please, I am not sure of what you are doing.
  10. Hi Mark, I would like to see that sequence. Ron
  11. Good idea Mark! I will follow up on this suggestion and begin posting stuff on my website and some more videos on YouTube. Ron.
  12. What a kind and thoughtful gesture from IGOR, over the years with PTE, I have come to respect Igor and his team. Stay with us Jeff and good luck to you.
  13. Well done Igor! that did it, the option in the control tab 'Wait for Key press....' needed to be selected. My menu now works correctly. Thankyou for your help in resoving this issue for me. It is sometimes the obvious things that we miss. Ronnie West.
  14. 10_WIP_AfterSettingTheFirstBrownButton.pte
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