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  1. Ronniebootwest

    Memorial Service for friend

    mp4 Video via a usb connection to TV is the way I have always displayed my shows and it works well. Playing on two screens might be a problen though, if you want to synchonise them both.
  2. Ronniebootwest

    PTE on Mac using VMware and bootcamp

    I am using vmWare Fusion to run PTE on my Mac. I am not entirely sure what tutorials JMSAV is asking for so it would be helpful if further information ccould be supplied. e.g. vmWare or PTE tutorials? Ron West. http://www.ronniewestphotography.com/page-3/page-25/page-17/
  3. Ronniebootwest

    New to P2E from Proshow - A question

    In addition to creating a 'Backup in Zip' file, I have always used the 'Template' method of saving my PTE slide shows. I find this to be the best way to preserve all of the componements that make up each slide show. The PTE program has a default location where you can save the Template, but yo can easily change this to any other location of your choice. Ron West.
  4. Ronniebootwest

    PTE for Mac users

    It will be cheaper for you to purchase 'VMware Fusion' than buying another PC. VMware runs PTE perfectly in Windows 10. Ron West.
  5. Ronniebootwest

    Buy PTE or

    Without doubt, PTE is the way to go. Join the PTE Forum where you will find Templates, Styles and much much more! Cheers, Ron West.
  6. Ronniebootwest

    I can't get over how amazing it is.

    Igor, As amazing as Version 9 is, are you still intending on creating a Mac version? Ron West
  7. Ronniebootwest

    PTE suddenly changed everything to black & White

    I have solved this problem now! It turned out to be my own fault because I did not realise that the shortcut in Windows 10 (Cmd+Ctrl+C) did different things when used in a vmWare Fusion vitual drive works differently on a Mac. In Windows on a Mac it changes colour to black & white. So I now have full colour back! We Live and Learn eh! Ron West.
  8. Ronniebootwest

    PTE suddenly changed everything to black & White

    Hi Dave, Tried that, it didn't solve the problem. Ron.
  9. I don't know what has gone wrong here but, without warning my PTE project suddenly changed from colour to black & White. I am using version 8.22 in a VMware virtual machine on my iMac in Windows 10. It has never done this before so I doubt that it is a PTE problem The Windows 10 program is running normally in full colour so I am suspecting that I may have inadvertantly changed a setting somewhere in PTE. Has anyone else had this problem and does anypne know how I can fix it. My slide shows do not suit black & White, I need the colour back, Please! Ron West.
  10. Ronniebootwest

    Downloading the PTE Installer

    Dave, An excellent suggestion for retaining previous versions. I do something similar but I also make a point of keeping a note of the Registration key along with each version that I save. Ron West.
  11. Ronniebootwest

    Mac executable?

    The 'Zipped' file for the Mac works very well indeed, I have used it for years on my 27" iMac and it looks great on the high resolution screen. I look forward to the day when PicturesToExe is available for the Mac! http://ronniewestphotography.com/ Ron West.
  12. Ronniebootwest

    PTE in a Virtual Machine

    Hello Igor, Thank you for your suggestions. I checked the VMware settings and everything was in order, so I contacted VMware support and they were aware of this problem. A very helpful guy offered to connect to my iMac (via Webex) and he saw the problem for himself. He spent about 30 minutes making adjustments to my computer and he has solved the problem for me. He said that it was an incompatibility beween Windows 10 and the Mac Operationg system (High Sierra). He was also very impressed with the quality of the PTE slide shows so I gave him a link to the WNSOFT website. I hope that other Forum Members, who might be experiencing this same problem will find my comments of some help.
  13. Ronniebootwest

    PTE in a Virtual Machine

    Does anybody have experience of using PTE in a VMWare Fusion Virtual Windows 10 drive? I am finding that, after upgrading my iMac to High Sierra, all of my PTE Slide Shows are displaying very jerky transitions. I have never had this problem before so I know that it is NOT a PTE problem. Ron West.
  14. Ronniebootwest


    Which version of Windows are you using?