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  1. Hey Lin, have you ever written a tutorial on 'How to create a Style' ? Ron.
  2. Is this Pegasys player just for Microsoft Windows or, can it be used on a Mac?
  3. I don't understand! Why would you want a slide list to be vertical?
  4. Can you expand your thoughts on this please, I am not sure of what you are doing.
  5. Hi Mark, I would like to see that sequence. Ron
  6. Good idea Mark! I will follow up on this suggestion and begin posting stuff on my website and some more videos on YouTube. Ron.
  7. What a kind and thoughtful gesture from IGOR, over the years with PTE, I have come to respect Igor and his team. Stay with us Jeff and good luck to you.
  8. Well done Igor! that did it, the option in the control tab 'Wait for Key press....' needed to be selected. My menu now works correctly. Thankyou for your help in resoving this issue for me. It is sometimes the obvious things that we miss. Ronnie West.
  9. 10_WIP_AfterSettingTheFirstBrownButton.pte
  10. Igor, If I use version 9, setting the options are different, I want to reproduce my original menu that I created on Version 8.0.23 - This is a large project and has always worked perfectly. This is my current project file 10_WIP_AfterSettingTheFirstBrownButton.pte If you run the preview, you will see that the menu runs OK but, each button moves to the next button automatically. I need it to stay on each button and NOT move to the next button until it is clicked on. This is the way it has always worked (for many years) What am I doing wrong?
  11. Igor, that is not the problem. The preview starts to play as you suggest but, I have created a 'Slide Show Organiser' that includes a menu that has 14 different categories and when each of these is pressed, you are taken to that particular category. However, the mini player then becomes active automatically and continues to move to the next category in the menu. This has never happened in the previous years that I have updated my menu. I obviously want to keep the menu static on each category (without the mini player running) until a new one is pressed.
  12. In version 8 when the preview button is checked, the Mini Player starts automatically. How can I stop this from happening? I only want it to start, when I actually select it.
  13. Igor might Know something! Ken is an adjudicator.
  14. This option is new to me, can sosmeone explain just how this drop shadow is created? Can it also be made into a style?
  15. Find the time! Even if only to create basic slide shows of you and your family, you will be so glad you did.
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