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  1. Ronniebootwest

    News about PTE 10

    I am excited to see that the MAC version is soon to be available. I guess there will be many of us looking forward to this. Well done to the PTE team for all the hard work and I hope that the Beta version will prove to be a success. Ronnie West.
  2. Ronniebootwest

    Backup to Zip issue

    Thankyou Jill, I should have been able to work that out but am at an age where the memory is playing tricks!
  3. Ronniebootwest

    Unhandled Exception notification

    Igor, This exception first appears in PTE when I am setting the Project Options. I set all options OK, but when I finally get to the point of pressing the 'OK' button, the exception box then appears. I can then go no further. Ron West.
  4. Ronniebootwest

    Unhandled Exception notification

    It happens every time I attempt to start a new slide show. Especially when I am creating a new folder structure in the Windows 10 Explorer. I do not have the problem when working on my Windows Laptop, so it might be a vmWare problem and not PTE!
  5. Ronniebootwest

    Unhandled Exception notification

    I am running pte 9.0.20 in a vmWare Fusion virtual machine and this morning encountered this problem. Anyone know the reason for this please?
  6. Ronniebootwest

    Backup to Zip issue

    'always makes a BIZ of his shows under construction' I saw the above in a recent question, excuse my ignorance, but what is a 'BIZ' please? Ron.
  7. Ronniebootwest

    What does this mean?

    Update - I am beginning to think that the intro slide show by Barry, might have something to do with this problem. I don't need to have it on my computer anymore, how can I remove it? Ron West.
  8. Ronniebootwest

    What does this mean?

    Hi Dave, Yes it repeats and I can't even log out, it just repeats whenever I click on anything so, I have to shut down computer and start again. I am using PTE in a vMware virtual, if that miight be the problem!
  9. Ronniebootwest

    What does this mean?

    Members 1,579 posts Gender:Male Location:South Wales (UK) Interests:Hospital Radio Presenter<br><br>Photography<br><br>Maker of Tutorial CD's Report post Posted 20 hours ago I am beginning to see this message box appear in PTE when creating a slide show What does it mean and how do I deal with it please?
  10. Ronniebootwest

    What does this mean?

    I am beginning to see this message box appear in PTE when creating a slide show What does it mean and how do I deal with it please?
  11. Ronniebootwest

    Can't send "Safe Executable File"

    Bert has raised an interesting and I agree with him. I also thought that a 'Safe Executable file' was intended to alow us to send (email) the exe file. Can somebody please clarify the situation for for us. Perhaps Igor can comment for us! Ron West.
  12. Ronniebootwest

    Memorial Service for friend

    mp4 Video via a usb connection to TV is the way I have always displayed my shows and it works well. Playing on two screens might be a problen though, if you want to synchonise them both.
  13. Ronniebootwest

    PTE on Mac using VMware and bootcamp

    I am using vmWare Fusion to run PTE on my Mac. I am not entirely sure what tutorials JMSAV is asking for so it would be helpful if further information ccould be supplied. e.g. vmWare or PTE tutorials? Ron West. http://www.ronniewestphotography.com/page-3/page-25/page-17/
  14. Ronniebootwest

    New to P2E from Proshow - A question

    In addition to creating a 'Backup in Zip' file, I have always used the 'Template' method of saving my PTE slide shows. I find this to be the best way to preserve all of the componements that make up each slide show. The PTE program has a default location where you can save the Template, but yo can easily change this to any other location of your choice. Ron West.
  15. Ronniebootwest

    PTE for Mac users

    It will be cheaper for you to purchase 'VMware Fusion' than buying another PC. VMware runs PTE perfectly in Windows 10. Ron West.