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  1. Canvas Size

    tc_Leeds This transition sounds an interesting project. I would like to see it working in a slide show, is that possible please? Ron West
  2. Upgrades

    Igor, Thank you for agreeing to re-work the 'Update' procedure, it is well overdue! I think that we will all be very glad to see what you do with this. Ron West.
  3. Organisation of Video Conversion advice

    It is getting really confusing now! Perhaps we could ask Barry Beckham to produce an updated version of his excellent tutorial on the complete process of adding video to a PTE slide show. Using the latest version of PTE of course! I for one, would be verfy happy to purchase it.
  4. Organisation of Video Conversion advice

    This is a good question! I would like to know the answer as well so please try to make it as detailed as possible.
  5. How to play on a MAC?

    I think that the full process, as explained by Lin' will confuse him even further. Item 5 of Lin's list is what he should be seeing. It is only necessary to click on the icon for the pteshow (that small blue icon) and the slide show should begin.
  6. How to play on a MAC?

    Hi Goddi, Send him the 'zipped file' that you created and ask him to double click on it. It will then open as a normal folder that will contain a PTE 'Play' icon that will run the slide show, when clicked.
  7. How to play on a MAC?

    Yes it is! I don't think that it will work any other way.
  8. How to play on a MAC?

    When you created the original exe file for Mac, did you create in Zip?
  9. Spam, Spam & more Spam [SOLVED]

    Great News Igor! I appreciate the work that you have put into trying to solve this problem.
  10. Spam, Spam & more Spam [SOLVED]

    I agree that there is far to much spam but, let's try to do something about before leaving an otherwise excellent forum! I am not an expert on preventing spam but there must be something we can do, surely.
  11. Carol, AVI are fine but, an MP4 file will produce a much better and higher resolution. Check the slide shows on my website: http://www.ronniewestphotography.com You might also like to read my tutorial on 'making your first slide show' that you will find on the Tutorial Page.
  12. iPhone Commentary

    Excellent example of a perfect voice recording! A very good idea as well Barry but, I wonder how many of us have the luxury of a walk in wardrobe?
  13. MP3

    Thanks Igor, for your explanation and re-assurance. Ron.
  14. MP3

    English translation please!
  15. High Carol, I can't offer any assistance with your problem I'm afraid, Lin has given such in depth adivice that I hope will help you. However, you are not the first person to have lost your project files it has happened to me in the past! To protect myself now, I always save my shows as an mp4 file (in addition to the project and backup in zip) and then copy the mp4 to a usb stick. I can then use this usb to connect to my TV. Ron