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  1. Thank you very much Lin for your messages and glad to hear that you are healthy, back home and did not need any surgery. I hope Ken will have the same luck as you... I miss his humorous (or not), messages! Patrick
  2. Has somebody news concerning Ken Cox? No personnel message from him since more then 2 months and he doesn't reply to my mails wich is very unusual. Best regards Patrick
  3. I fully join the previous messages. During our few e-mail exchanges, I perceived her as a very calm person, like her splendid photographs. I feel very sad. Patrick
  4. Very nice! The fire with it's sound could be a perfect screen saver Merry Christmas Patrick
  5. Thank you Denis for your comments. It helps to contrive to share publicly its work Patrick
  6. Hi Denis ... and how did you find the slideshow?
  7. Sorry Dave, I am not sure to understand your question (there is a "?"). Perhaps it is not a question, just an assert. In that case, of course, Denis (denisb) can try this one... OK until now. For my case, I tried it more than 100 times without concerns Patrick
  8. Dave I gave the link for the Creta slideshow (normal exe) to about 20 persons (friends, family). They probably each, spread this link further to 2 or 3 other persons... absolutely no virus problem and no problem at all! Since a bit more then 10 years, I distribute widely numerus of my slideshows as simple exe files and some where downloaded more then 500 times in less then 2 months... absolutely no virus problem and no problem at all! A few of my slideshows are distributed as educational support in a great number since many years, without any negative feedback concerning virus issues and the last one (July 2013) was a very widely distributed slideshow created for the 40th anniversary of our Medic Helicopter Base... no problem..... but I do not even dare to think of the many messages of assistance which I would have to answer with a repertory/multifile internet certified zipped exe!!! So, for me, the interest of giving the link of a internet certified exe is therefore very poor. Anyhow, if you or somebody else will try them, I uploaded this slideshow to Mediafire, - one as a simple exe - and the other as a certified exe Patrick
  9. Hi again Dave I created a slideshow file for internet but I think that the fact that the show is then presented in a repertory and with 2 files, will probably be tricky for a great number of users and some of them will abandon, fearing problems or just because they don't know how to do. When I give a link to my slideshows for friends, I always pinpoint the fact that it is presented zipped... so, if they have some hesitations (and they are not so seldom!), I explain what it is and what to do. Patrick
  10. Hi Dave I used the first possibility: executable for PC Next time I will employ the second one. I must admit that I never paid any attention to this solution. Patrick
  11. Hi Denis My PTE version is 7.5.10 My PC seems "virus free" and my Avira antivirus doesn't signal a problem. I have sent my slideshow to a hospital collegue and this time I received a message from our Hospital Mc Affee telling me there is a problem... in fact it was just because it is an executable. Sorry for the inconvenience! Hi Roger Thank you for your appraisal Patrick
  12. Ha! .... women Tonic images Is the storm picture yours? If yes, how did it end? Just a question concerning the book page effects: I am probably stating the obvious (flogging a dead horse?) but how did you do get it (Photoshop? PTE?) Patrick
  13. Thank you for your assessment. Concerning the opening screen, I had some anxiety because the time the screen stays black before the slideshow really begins, is a bit long. I found why at the very end: the first slide "weighs" 8.5Mb ..... I was a little bit heavy handed! Patrick
  14. New slideshow of shots taken during a visit to Creta during September of this year. Res: 2050:1594, 5m 09s, and 53 Mb (PC and MAC) Can be downloaded from www.slideshowclub.com Creta is a Greek island where, besides omnipresent cats and crickets, there are numerous churches and monasteries, sometimes in very curious and isolated places. The landscapes are often rather rough and cannot make forget the proximity of the African continent (Libya and Egypt). The contrast between inland and seashore is therefore more striking. Enjoy this slideshow and feel free to comment it in any way. Patrick
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