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  1. Hi Daniel Peacefull music and images. The scenery visible from the top of the Puy du Dôme is indeed very impressive... and is a must when travelling there. At the time you took the pictures, nature has still, for a short time considering the recent dramatic fall of temperatures (and snow!), warm colors. When comparing to the past years, one can be astonished (and a bit disappointed) by the monochromatic, red-brownish, aspect of this year's autumn! Thanks for sharing Patrick
  2. ... just if you want to experience epileptiformseizures />/> Impressive Regards Patrick
  3. Hello Eric I agree with all Ken'comments. The voice is very intelligible and clear and it is easy to understand and to follow even for a stranger not specialy familiarized with english. Photos are of very good quality considering the difficulties inherent to interior shots! The mix of wide angled photos and details images is excellent. This cathedral is superb and has something very "aerial" in his structure. Such a photographic "visit" is always a difficult exercice. You did a very interesting one. Regards Patrick
  4. Hi Bill A warm, colorfull and pleasant postcard of Bermuda. The music of the first part is as explosive as colors and nature. The little video sequences give a pleasant touch of life to your slideshow. Did you use a dedicated video camera ? Some shots are especially very good and I particularily loved the ones about sea and rocks with a dramatic atmosphere. Thank you very much for sharing Patrick
  5. Hi Maureen Superb! Soft lights, warm colors, breathtaking sceneries, sharp shots, beautiful framings, moody music ... nothing more to say. Some shots are very close to paintings... awesome. Many thanks for sharing Patrick
  6. Hi Jeff Oh la la! "Proper slideshow" .... I made a huge mistake!!! I wanted to say "Own slideshow" and translated the french word "Propre" (own in this case) with "proper" .... completely different! As you see, a little word but big misunderstanding. Please Jeff, forget the smileys and the positive comments ... they are now ridiculous! By the way, thank you Lin: ATV = 4x4 in France. 4x4 (ATV) tracks are uncommon here. Good night Patrick
  7. Hi Jeff Translation, whatever the way, is not an easy exercice, especially concerning the nuances of each language. So, I am not sure how to interprete your message: If you interpreted my comments as vexatory or peremptory, so be sure it was absolutely not my intention and forget it. If you interpreted my comments as if I wanted to give you a lesson of good slideshow behaviour, again be sure it was absolutely not my intention and forget it to. If you reacted in a virile way to my comments ... so why not. I will then just give an answer to your sibylline question "I have a question for you....what is a proper slideshow?" It is of very very poor interest as my "criterions" are strictly personal and have absolutely no universal meaning. So what would be the interest? You don't care about image size changes, I do, ... where is the problem? You don't care about transitions matching music changes, I do, ... where is the problem? I just gave a personal opinion, that is all and concerning ATV, sorry but in Europe this is far from beeing something as current as in the USA... and what means "A" "T" "V" Once again, if my comments, hurted you, be sure there is no reason of producing adrenalin. Forget them.... and next time I will just give positive messages with a lot of smilling smileys. Patrick
  8. Hi Jeff Very particular scenery! You have some superb shots. Your comments are entertaining and the "animated" photos are very funny... Something I will give a try in my proper sideshows. In the other end, I find not so lucky your change in image size. It is not an issue to change to wide screen but why then not keep exactly the same format? The change in height is very visible. An other point: from time to time, the image change do not match the music variations. In your doc file, you tell us about ATVs track. What is it ? Thank you very much for sharing Patrick
  9. Hi Dick You are right. I have problems with the zooms and pans. When I change from linear to smooth, the "trajectory" of the photo is curious so that I return to linear ... and try to hide the abrupt starts and ends with crossfading the animations of 2 slides. In fact, until now, I did not take the time to learn how exactly these animations work. I will do it in the future because it is very frustating to renounce to use the proper effect!
  10. Thank you mhwarner, Mickp and Antbrewer for your comments. Concerning the waterfalls, I have no clear-cut opinion about how to take the photos. Some take advantage of high shutter speeds, other can be very nice with slow speeds but they can then look frankly unreal as for some HDR photos as pinpointed by Mickp. As I did not take a tripod with me (just a little table tripod), the choice of natural, dynamic looking waterfalls was deliberate for most of my photos but in some cases, I tried slower handheld shutter speeds to give a more peaceful atmosphere: 1/10 sec was the slowest one (with a sharp photo). In the case of the 2 parks in Croatia and more particularily for the most magnificent and visited one (Plitvice), there is a lot of problems that can make photos taken with a tripod impossible or very very difficult: - the most beautiful spots are only reachable with wooden, little and narrow bridges/paths as seen in the penultimate photo of my slideshow. Therefore a tripod can be a real problem for other visitors. - these wooden paths generate also very sensible vibrations at each visitor step so that it is a big issue for slow shutter speeds - Plitvice lakes and waterfalls have a south/north orientation and the surroundings are composed of very narrow hills culminating at 800m. Therefore, most of the photo spots are backlighted or have no or very short sun light periods .... as you are not the sole to know this particularity (and other user also appreciate this few special moments), the spot can become punctually very crowdy, forbiding the use of a tripod. Of course, after visiting this park, our first idea was to come back here again. But honestly, I think that you must go there not accompagnied, go there during the low season (november to May... but with great light and weather problems), plan meticulously you trip in the park (light conditions)... but overall, be furiously patient and lucky and go there several times Here 2 links of photos of Plitvice park Treakearth and Here a superb photo serie Patrick
  11. ... just before winter ;-) In fact, I am unable to begin the creation of a slideshow until I find an interesting piece of music. I have photos waiting since 3 years!
  12. On Bill's PTE slideshows pages, you will find "2012 Croatie", a show I created after a very recent trip to Croatia (and the close Mostar town in Bosnia). Even if the opening slide is a remembrance to the "recent" war that this land endured, there is no particular message in that show. This first slide is there because, if you leave the coastal road, the few motorways and the touristic spots and go away from the coast, you will find numerous abandonned and destroyed villages. Others are most of time almost badly damaged and very seldom are the fully renovated houses. Poverty is very present contrasting with the apparent opulence of the coastline villages and towns. Patrick
  13. Hi Adrian The following points are negative one but have to be considerably tempered, of course, by your remarks but I hope that pointing at them will be nevertheless constructive. ... And my comments are stricly personal, probably not all shared by others and are in no way universal! - Very minor point : Annecy is situated in the Alps, a few km south of Geneva and it's lake... not exactly what is commonly called the southeast of France - your photos and/or music pieces are much too "heavy" (82MB for 40 shots) : problem of size ? No compression ? - you used probably automatic transitions wich is a bit mind-numbing for long sequences. - in a few cases, your verticals ... are not vertical! - unwished and easy to wipe objects in some shots (yellow crane for example) - person with an ugly yellow reflective jacket in the washhouse along the water - a few redundant or superfluous photos (you apparently love swans ;-) - a few superpositions during the long transitions are not very lucky - pinpointing the castle is surperfluous ... or then you must pinpoint other buildings. - I think that the transition with the fanfare effect (an interesting one!) is a bit too long - some unsharp night photos (one is very blury) - night photos, then dusk photos and then again night photos. You have a bit more than 30 superb and neat shots. I find particularily interesting those which have uncommon point of views (rooftop views). Give them a reasonable size (as with the music pieces), match the transitions (and change there speed) according to music rythm and you will then considerably improve your slideshow. Thank you for sharing your nice shots of this little jewel of France. Patrick
  14. Hi michael_adrian Do you wish comments?
  15. Hi Maureen Great lights, superb point of views, very sharp shots, excellent framing, great choice of subjects (people, monuments, street, etc). Your - A/V - slideshow - jpeg + ogg (or mp3) assortment - collection of images in a slideshow with background music - exe file - or whatever the name you or others will give it ... is absolutey superb. Continue to share with us your bunches of images sprinkled with music (don't miss lift music... I love it!). It is always a delight for my peepers! Ah sorry, there is a very big issue in your A/V, slideshow, collection of... the mouse cursor is not hidden and as I am nervous and stucked on my screen with my right hand holding my mouse, the cursor pops up from time to time. A pity! Patrick Many, many thanks for sharing Patrick
  16. Hi Maureen I first opened your Florence AV which is really breathteaking. The Siena one seems then to be a notch behind and this is unfair as the shots are all of great quality. Siena is a town that is very hard to photography as in most cases there is no place left and the tourists are numerous and literally everywhere. On the other hand, light is also a big issue with all the narrow streets and on the central place, the sun is in face of you! You worked around all these problems with success and this AV will be, as all your production, a keeper for me... and an exemple when I go back there next time. Thanks for sharing Patrick
  17. d67

    New AV

    Hi Ralph With an oversized billfold, you will have a great choice of hunters to ride here! If you are not familiarized with french language, you can easily translate web pages with this tool Patrick
  18. d67

    New AV

    Hi rick235 Informatics has sometimes curious behaviours It is always very difficult to take good pictures in a confined space but here, the exercise gives a good and interesting result. The shots are clear and sharp and the use of wide angled point of views mixed with more closer ones is pleasant. There are still some negative points: - many duplicated, threefolded or fourfolded images - the urban background would benefit from a finer management of the depth of field to blur it, as you tried it in the second front shot of the F-18 - why didn't you incorporate some shots of details of the aircraft carrier itself to give more variety to your subject? Anyway, thank you for sharing P.S. The pilot dummies is a good exhibition manager's idea to give a bit "life" to this static exposition Best regards Patrick
  19. I went to Venice four time (for 3 to 5 days each time) in a short laps of years and had bright sun, blue skies but also heavy and sustained rain, strong winds, fog, and one time, high acqua alta. This town is magical whatever the weather conditions and what makes your slideshows so special, is not the sun but the fact that each shot is unique. I am sure that, if you go there during foggy days, you will bring us shots that we all dream of! Best regards Patrick Here a few photos I took of the Grand Canale during a foggy day
  20. Hi Maureen Your first slideshow about Venice is a very very good one. Hard to do better... but you did it with this one!!! Stunning shots, warm colors, sharp photos, superb subjects. You married architectural photos (wide angle and zoomed one) with person photos ... excellent. In a few occasion, I suppose you had to wait long before the right situation was in front of you ;-) ... duccale boat in front of St Marc place, photographer and Venice T-shirts for example. It is an absolute keeper. I have just a remark to do (a very minor one!) about your choice for the pans about boats. You choosed to pan from front to rear in 3 occasions : Grand Canale and taxi boat + gondola + vaporetto I understand that you want to show the boats moving ahead but as the background doesn't move I find it personnaly a bit confusing and the opposite sense (pan from rear to front) would be far better and natural. Many many thanks for sharing Patrick
  21. Hello Maureen I find the mediafire version of your AV much better as the first one. The "mood" of this second music fits better the warm colors and quiet atmosphere of your photos. To be honest however, I find it this time slightly too nostalgic or even a little bit too sorrowful .... but it will be the version I will keep. Just for fun, we are staying since midday somewhere in the Black Forest with 2 of our grandchilds (4 and 6 years old) for a week stay as our daughter and our son in law arrived this afternoon ... in Venice for a 5 day stay to mark there 8th wedding anniversary and my son in law's anniversary. I used your slideshow to show to my grandchilds where there parents stay ... and they stood stucked on the PC screen until the end of the show! .... They want us now to bring them there the next time we go with them on hollyday .... your slideshows will become very expensive for us :-) Best regards Patrick
  22. Hello Maureen Great and warm pictures. A very quiet and intimist stroll through Venice. From my personnal point of view, your music choice doesn't match the quality and mood of your shots... but taste and colors ... Thank you very much for sharing Patrick
  23. Hello Daniel Superb shots depicting very well the particular atmosphere of this site as the visitors flow is at is minimum. Colors are very nice. The panoramic is beautiful and very smooth... I wish I could do same with mines! Thanks for sharing Patrick
  24. Wow! Thank you very much Lin for taking time to give such a precise analysis. For me, the song was just a simple musical background as I didn't pay attention to the words! It was then impossible for me to understand that the music was the story! After your last explanations, I used Shazam on my iphone and then googled to find the lyrics of the music title. Now, the image sequence has of course a clear sense! It's past midnight here... I am going to bed Bye bye Patrick
  25. Ok, ok, I will then unfortunately stay ignorant Patrick
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