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  1. No problem for me but I had to do this : (post 82x12) / (post 83x3) =X X/ (10% of 1.235655) = Y take 25.33% of (X+Y) and then display of posts is perfect for IE and Firefox
  2. Wow .... a post for the Guiness book of records !!!! The longest one, ever ! PTE becomes an excellent subject for mathematicians
  3. Sorry Peter, I am no sure to understand your comment. My problem was just to replace the designed slide in the Timeline with an other one. With PTE V4 that was logically done by a right click on the slide. The solution for V5 is just a bit different but not complicated, and has just to be known (I asked friends how they did ... and they did it in a complicated way ... once more illustrating the lack of user friendly interface)
  4. Hi Igor Thank you for your aid. Concerning V5, there is so much to learn (many commands and options have changed) that I am not sure I will persevere as these days I am lacking time to play around PTE V5 (not especially user friendly even for very simple and basic manipulations). Patrick
  5. Hi Lin No, no ! I want to replace an existent slide in the Timeline, not just place a new one.
  6. In PTE V4.x, replacing a slide when in the Timeline is a kid's stuff : right mouse click or Alt+S. In PTE V5.x to do the same, I have - to clic on "Objects and animations", - then clic on "Properties" - and only then I have access to the file manager ! Do I miss something ? Is there an easier and shorter way to do it ?
  7. Beautiful shots, "classical" slideshow without useless or for show effects, smooth and instructive pans ... Superb! Michel at it's best I personnally think that the notion of time you give (21h and 6h) is needless and breaks a little bit the spell of your brilliant photos but this is a very minor detail. A great breath of fresh air ! Thank you for sharing .... ... and please, please, block the forum without any hesitation with your 16 other trips Patrick
  8. Hello Michel Enjoyable sequence with numerous very good shots and some fabulous lightings. To be honest, I find the overall quality of this slideshow and photos a notch below your earlier sequence's :... but this is very very relative as your photos and sequence creation mastering have always been of a very high standard of quality ! A last point : most of time I find well-meat thoughts as shown in the last slide/text a bit childish and fully ineffective. Don't take umbrage at this comment. I assume total responsibility ... that's just my personal opinion and I fully understand that others can have an other one. Thank you for sharing your experiences and a good idea for your GPS file as it adds a 3D vision and a better idea of the difficulties of your trip ! Patrick
  9. Thank you everybody for your kind remarks ! Slides size is 1600 / 1000 pixels Patrick
  10. Hi Tom Interesting and rich of details sequence and an armful very good shots ! To my thinking there is a problem with the overall sound wich is not of the best quality. In the very first part, if at the beginning the background crowd noise is a good idea, this is from far not the case when then repeated. These repetitions don't enhance the images, are too abrupt and finish to be annoying. I also find that you don't take advantage of the changes of rythm of the music : your slide translations speeds seem invariable for all the slideshow. In a very few cases, synchronization could be more precise (canon and gunshots). Anyway, as so, your slideshow is a very pleasant one. Patrick
  11. Hi Almark From my point of view, I think you have to draw some boundaries, the first of it beeing the duration. 6 minutes (maximum 8) are largely accepted as the maximum of concentration a "normal" viewer can hold. If you give much value to the number 911 it is quite impossible to show them in a familiar way. To bypass this problem why not show your images 3 per 3 and pile them loosely on the screen as when we show friends a large number of photos taken from a shoe box and smearing them (not sure my translation is good) on a table ? Patrick
  12. Hi Ray I probably miss something but 12 very poor quality slides in .... 7 minutes 30 !!!, a plane picture that does not mach reality, a children's voice very hard to understand, music absolutely not in phase with the photos mood and atmosphere... For sure, when we have to give a judgement about our little childrens, every thing is, without any hesitation, brilliant... but here..... ???
  13. Hi Almark Good idea but much much too fast !!! Impossible to stay looking at the screen more than a few seconds and I must admit that I gave up very very rapidly. For us non american, 911 has no immediate signification as for you ( for us it is 15 or 112), so during the first seconds, until I understood what 911 is meaning (I firstly thought about the Porsche 911 !), I was thinking that this slideshow was just a joke ! I think that such a subject needs some meditation. Speed and hurry is not the best suited manner to introduce it Regards Patrick
  14. Hi Lumenlux Our journey in the Dolomites lasted 15 days No. We stood in an hotel in Castelrotto for a week and the second week, our hotel was in Sesto / Moos. The refugios (huts) are numerous in the Dolomites and you are always within 2 hours maximum walk away from one of them. We alternated 6-8 hours and 4 hours mountain hiking throughout the stay, starting from a point situated within an hour car way for our first "camp base" and starting, most of time, from the hotel for the second one.
  15. Thank you PhilG and Neil for your kind remarks. Hi Ken 15-18 Celsius degrees (mid august) or lesser depending on the altitude, the weather and the wind but during ascent, no need of multiple cloth layers ! Thank you Michel. I appreciate your comment at it's real value as it comes after a common turbulent relationship history and as you are a true mountain lover. You are right, it is too fast but as you know, facing dozen of photos, each of them, more or less, tinted by the physical difficulties or by the great feelings you had to be there, can be a real challenge when you have to cut down your initial photo choice. I didn't want to lengthen the sequence beyond the unique piece of music, as the progression of the music rythm is a bit similar to the growing difficulties and enthusiasm as the highest point of the hiking trail approaches ! To bypass too short lasting slide durations, I made my slideshow fully controlable so that time is left to stop at a particular image. I hope you and your family are in good health ... in any case, enough to satisfy your passions. Patrick
  16. Alto Adige (18 Mo / sequence duration 4'30), a slideshow I created with photos taken during a recent trip in this italian area (Dolomites mountains). This slideshow is fully controlable : - Pause/Resume = Pause key or left mouse button, - Slide, backward or forward = arrow keys or right mouse button for next slide In addition of the slideshow, I have downloaded some shots on my PBase space For precise and numerous datas about Dolomites mountains (... and other summits), here an interesting link with lots of informations and photos Have fun and your comments are welcome. Patrick
  17. Hi Tom Interesting portraits ! You had apparently the opportunity to take your shots in good conditions (light, distance, environment) which is not always possible in such demonstrations ! Patrick
  18. Hi Robert Beautiful scenery ! I am not convinced of the utility of the rapid slide switch to show changing weather. I too find the last image a very interesting one : - saturated colors with the opposition of the blue/white sky and the brown/white forground, - opposition of a peacefull scenery (few and little white clouds in a blue sky) and a group of high trees suggesting a progressing army Patrick
  19. Hi Lin Why be so needlessly ironic ? As you, I live with my time and it's changes. PTE was a tremendous change in slideshow software at it's arrival as it was user friendly, very easy to use, cheap and very "light" weighting. Many amateur photographers where pleased to have such a simple tool and many of us started again to take photos. PTE V5 is no more user friendly, no more easy to use, EVEN if you just want to use basic features. You can deny it... that is your problem, but in the facts, it is so for many of us. When I make a slideshow with PTE V4, it runs immediatly without problem. When I make exactly the same with V5 (not just taking V4 project) I have to make many trials and little developpments so that it runs in the same way (needlessly time consuming). In the same way, as Dadou said just before, concerning me, I am more radical and I don't never more advertise PTE for my friends as I have no time to waist to make hotline (they are from far not familiar with english or forums, even if they are french !). I also not recommend PTE V4 as I know they will not understand why I recommend an older version ! To say truth, I just recommend Flash Slide Show Maker (free for personnal use) which is far from the possibilities of PTE but has the original simplicity of use of PTE V4 !!!! ... yes but Igor's abstruse remark and the obscur responses, for most of us, was the starting point ! I have to stop here as, as you are justifiably thinking about me, I live in the 19th century and my electricity supply becomes weaker and weaker Patr.......
  20. The best software is the one which is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). That is not the case of PTE V5 where you have to think about child objects, wedges, divide width by Pi or make other esoteric calculations, don't forget to keep length in a pair number, deactivate or activate material acceleration and don't forget to check or uncheck some choice boxes, count pixels, make endless trials on multiple configurations and so on .... Using basic and very simple transitions don't discharge of making some of theses manipulations and even on up to date PCs, you are not sure your slideshow will behave as you created it ... apart asking the end user to change screen resolution, shut down all background running programs, deactivate antivirus, temporarily stop the firewall, etc, etc.... or, when nothing works, just denying the end user's complaints ! Patrick
  21. Sorry Igor but it is very hard for a basic PTE user to understand what you are meaning and asking for ! Reading all the thread does not help in any way to make sense of what the problem is and to be honest ... it is even more confusing ! I fully agree with yachtsmann1 remark about PTE V5 behaviour. Until now, I continue to create my slideshows with PTE V4 as I have no problem running them, even on power lesser PC's as mine ! All my attempts to create slideshows with PTE V5 with very simple transitions (no Pan, zoom or rotate) lead to minor problems which nead to look at tutorials or ask for help to more confident users. Not a big problem but very time consuming. PTE V4 is, at his end stage, a very robust program, with predictable behaviour and, first of all, very easy and self explanatory to deal with (no tutorial or help file needed... just try). PTE V5 is much powerfull, particularily concerning effects, but needs a minimum of time investment to understand it's manipulation. Even if you accept this, problems are numerous and sometimes unpredictable (just read forums). The competitor (Photodex Proshow) is in comparison much more pleasant and easy to use for a discutable loss of image quality. This thread is a headache producer and for sure will move away those who are looking for a friendly handling software Patrick
  22. Excellent greatings card ... the one your sister will for sure not forget ! Congratulations Patrick
  23. Hello Dave Superb show. The slight effect movements suggests very well the flight ! ... a very lucky find ! 10/10 for the "live" sounds implemented on the background music. My only remark is the same as Boogie's : a lower speed shutter would have given a better result on the propeller's disk. Well done! A source of inspiration ! Patrick
  24. d67

    My new AV

    SUPERB !!! .... nothing more to say ... except that it is too short Thank you very much Phil for sharing Patrick
  25. Thank you Ken... it was chinese for me ! Perhaps you will find a translation to these french expressions : Avec des si, on met Paris en bouteille literally "With if(s), we can put Paris in a bottle" if(s) = With good camera + good lens + good subject + much time + good lighting + good idea + some manipulation + good software + some artistic sense + some technical knowledge + etc, etc, etc, etc.... we can put Paris in a bottle = the shows would be so much better Il va encore couler beaucoup d'eau sous les ponts d'ici là It still will flow much water under the bridges by then ... and the discussion can go on, useless, useless, useless and endless, endless, endless, endless ..........
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