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  1. jt49

    Adobe moving stills

    You should have a closer look
  2. jt49

    Variable Speed Modifiers

    Beside producing AV, I have got involved with two German AV organizations; I organize a judging team for the Challenge 321; and I care for a local PTE user group. So I haven't got the time to produce video tutorials, in particular I do not intend to start a business of that kind
  3. I fully agree, and there should be timeline scaling in O&A, as well. BTW: IMO audio in styles, as requested here, does not make much sense
  4. jt49

    Variable Speed Modifiers

    Quite a nice demonstration. What I am missing are appropriate examples for custom speed profiles, e.g. accelerated motion but with a smooth stop, and others. BTW: The word linear (though being taken from former PTE versions) is not a good one. In the case called "linear" here, we see a uniform movement, the speed is constant; it is only the distance that grows linearly
  5. jt49


    What about making a simple test
  6. jt49

    error backup

    There is a simple workaround. Assume having a project where the project file and all media are in folder A. Then copy the contents of A to some other folder B. If you now open the project file in B, PTE still uses the media from folder A . Close the project again. Then give folder A a new name (just for a moment). Then open the project file in folder B again, and save the project via the file menu. Rename A to its original name. The path B's project file will now point to the media in B .
  7. I think that the Q&A-Window needs a more general kind of revision. It should be possible to scale the timeline in O&A (has already been discussed in the Alpha period of PTE 9); we should see the objects from the previous and the next slide during the transition periods, and it should be possible to see audio tracks in O&A in order to synchronize KFs. The revision may include a more direct way to change the duration, why not!
  8. Don't you like to open the slide options from O&A?
  9. jt49

    The Envelope Tool in PTE9 delux

    The new button does a similar job as the "Toast", but not exactly the same one. If you highlight a slide, the cursor's position typically is behind the incoming transition. So clicking the new button does not show the transition, while the Toast does show it So, I myself like to have both buttons, depending on what I want to see, a start exactly at the cursor's position, or a slide including the incoming transition
  10. jt49

    Workshop "PicturesToExe"

    Am Samstag, 24. November 2018 findet dieser Workshop erneut statt: Link zum Workshop
  11. jt49

    A Little Promotion For PTE Demo

    Is it possible to avoid showing the vertical slices in the book's pages?
  12. jt49


    Referring to splines and the mathematics behind them cannot be regarded as helpful. What we need is a graphical description. We had it for the speed parameters in the old versions. I asked for it in the said thread from November 2016. And this is what Igor replied (November 28, 2016): We plan to add a graphic for better understanding how it works. So, let us hope that WnSoft will manage to offer a better interface for the speed settings.
  13. jt49

    Trying Fonts

    It would be fine to see this feature in the Online Help
  14. IMO this is a good suggestion
  15. Presently we have a so-called natural blur for images, where the borders of the images become soft and partially transparent. This works well in many cases. Sometimes, in particular when working with images that precisely fill the screen, it would be fine to have a blur option that would work like Photoshop, with sharp borders, and without transparency. In cases where the image has a colored border (PTE Property in O&A), this border should remain as it is while blurring the image.