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  1. I don't see much improvement. My notebook still behaves as described here (fully updated version of Windows 10, Nvidia 419.35). My impression: The performance of PTE shows on the notebook's own monitor while using the Nvidia driver is poor.
  2. An alternative way to go: Create a "Backup in Zip". Unzip the backup to a new folder. In most cases this folder contains what you want to see. There may arise problems in cases where the images come from different folders, and if these folders contain objects with identical names.
  3. Move the mouse cursor until you see a double arrow. Press the left mouse key and change the height of the object list.
  4. Photoshop CC offers scaling for text and user interface.
  5. I'm sorry to say, but PTE does not offer Addition (nor do most of the other AV programs). It would be fine if PTE would offer Addition, and it would even be better if there were the blending mode "Screen" (in German "Negativ multiplizieren") that we know from Photoshop. Addition and Screen offer possibilities to create screen effects (to some extend) that we can see when blending classical slides (diapositives).
  6. Do you think that the discussion will come back to the original topic of name change?
  7. Not seeing risks with EXE files is a very personal point of view. I cannot share this opinion. Today, people rather make use of mobile devices than using PCs. If you want to share your PTE productions with others, you should better make use of videos. So I would regard a product name including EXE as outdated. As I said above, I would prefer to keep the letters PTE while replacing EXE by something else
  8. Perhaps a good suggestion. We have to keep in mind that (at least in Germany) "Ex" can mean "my former husband"
  9. When people ask me: "What are you doing?", I have given up to say "AV" or "Audiovision". People would not understand. So, PicturesToAV is not what I would like to see. As Jill, I am thinking about an expression that would keep the acronym PTE. It is not yet clear to me which word to choose for the letter "E".
  10. Without being able to present a good alternative right now, I would recommend to choose a name that avoids "EXE".
  11. No, they are not available on the Internet. In 2018 there were contributions from 14 countries. The organizer of the challenge cannot deal with 14 laws for copyright. I am the organizer for the judging in Munich. If you happen to come to this nice city, I can show you the best contributions from 2017 and 2018
  12. A simple example: Suppose that you are working with a collage with several small images (moving and changing) on top of a background image. In most cases, as long as the background image is static, you can work with a sequence of slides; but if you want to have a somewhat complex animation for your background image, you may be forced to do everything in a single slide, and its duration may become quite long This is a typical situation where AV-programs that offer multiple image tracks have an advantage.
  13. The Challenge 321 is an international contest for short AV-sequences. The maximum duration of a sequence must NOT exceed 3 minutes 21 seconds. This short run-time is the "Challenge" for the authors. As in 2017 and 2018 the Challenge for 2019 is organized by a group in AV-Dialog (a national German AV-organization). There will judging teams in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom. Submission time for 2019: January 15 to March 31. Detailed information: www.challenge321.org
  14. Good luck ! "Meet" you when judging the Challenge 321
  15. This is quite a dangerous remark. I would recommend to study the metrical structure of the music. For me, the typical points to change the images are the beats 1 in the measures. In popular music we often hear a backbeat (syncopated accentuation on the "off" beats 2 and 4, often played with a snare drum). This will give you a lot of peaks in the waveform, which I would consider to be wrong. Nevertheless many AV people make use of them A remark on the end of the Cumbria sequence: It sounds a bit stalled. It is always difficult to fade out the music somewhere in the middle. It might be better to fade into the music (somewhere in the middle) and let it come to its natural end. You then better develop your sequence from end to start
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