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  1. A very good decision supporting FLAC. I have backed up all my CDs in FLAC, and now it is fine to play the music directly in PTE without making copies in MP3
  2. The effect is only to be seen for a fraction of a second during the switch from the main window to O&A (only in case of a double click). In case of using the O&A button the effect is not to be seen.
  3. “Scale keyframes in objects on time change” is a slide option, not a project option. The entry in the preferences is just a default option for new slides.
  4. It does not matter that much. So I keep on using this feature "illegally", as I did it in the past.
  5. Igor's suggestion (giving the user the possibility to place it where he wants to see it) is a good solution. What about the "X"? Presently (in the preferences of V10) we can choose (always) to be asked what to do, or choose (always) to close the editor, or choose (always) to close PTE. Let me say it with a German idiom: Chacun à son goût!
  6. With the new possibilities of adjustment, the waveforms in O&A are a really useful new feature of PTE.
  7. Do you mean the new position of the Close button? I do not like this position either. As I do not like to close the project from the O&A edition, I have chosen "Close editor" for the editor's X button. Now I have 2 buttons to close O&A, almost at the same position.
  8. https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/topic/21448-linking-audio-clips-to-slides/?do=findComment&comment=141459
  9. Installation routines from Nvidia (such as "425.31-notebook-win10-64bit-international-whql.exe") offer a (kind of) standard installation, but also a custom one. Choosing the custom installation gives you the choice of installing Drivers plus Experience, or just Drivers. Choosing Drivers you have additional choices. I normally install just the graphics driver and the audio driver, but avoid PhysX and others.
  10. 1. When I link an audio clip to a slide, the clip will show the slide number. In the dark mode this number is shown in blue, and I regard it as difficult to see. 2. As with version 9, I really cannot understand why also V10 does not allow (in the timeline) to link 2 or more clips to the same slide if the clips are located on the same track. It can be done, but only via the project options. IMO this restriction does not make any sense. I often have slides with several associated sounds or voice clips, why not placing them on the same track?
  11. The eyedropper symbol changes to the normal mouse cursor when you move it outside the choose color window.
  12. My impression is that these features will not be included in V10, and as we see here users seem to be happy with the new version (as it is).
  13. My observations on Goddi's video "GH010168-trimmed.mp4" Audacity opens it as an audio clip of length: 8.034 sec PTE 9 opens it as a video of length: 8.025 sec PTE 9 opens it as an audio clip of length: 8:023 sec PTE 10 B2 opens it as a video of lenght: 8.008 sec PTE 10 B2 opens it as an audio clip of length: 8.024 sec
  14. The fade transition works, in the mini player and in the preview. But if I manually put the cursor into the transition area, I see the following:
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