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  1. Video duration not being updated.

    You say: "One of the slides is a video clip". I'm sorry to say: A slide cannot be a video clip! A slide is a container for visual objects. It may contain (as in your case) a single video, but it may also contain several videos and images at the same time. Why should a manipulation of one of the objects inside a slide have automatically a side effect on the slide options? The consequences could be awkward, e.g. loosing the synchronization of transition points and the soundtrack. For the feature that you want to see there is a simple workaround: Delete your "video-slide" and insert it again using the modified video.
  2. text color alpha channel

    Please show us an example
  3. Go to slide with name

    There are ways to avoid the problem. Nevertheless, this bug should be fixed!
  4. AVI is just a container format. Devices typically do not care that much for the container, but of course there may be problems with the video or audio codecs used inside!
  5. Go to slide with name

    There is an odd behavior of V8 and V9 in cases when you have a slide with a name that is different from the name of the included main image, and if you then delete the slide name. Example: You insert a new blank slide, open its O&A window, and insert some main image, say MyImage.jpg. Save the project. Now open the project file with a text editor, and you will see for your new slide "SlideID=Blank". Open the project again, open the new slide's options and delete the slide name "Blank". Click OK and save the project. The slide list now shows our new slide with the name "MyImage". But if we look at the project file again, we see "SlideID= ". If we now open some other slide and insert a Go To action to our new slide with name "MyImage" but with empty SlideID, the Go To command will not work.
  6. When I open and close Lin Evans' project "butterly2pte" (here) with PTE 9.0.10, I see the following error message:
  7. Timeline Problem

    The problem appeared sporadically while working on a very large project (containing several pairs of audio clips on the same track being linked to the same slide).
  8. Timeline Problem

    I'll try to look at both cursor positions, if the problem shows up again. I cannot say that any cursor runs in a wrong position. Maybe that some audio clips that have been moved play in their old positions, I don't know.
  9. Timeline Problem

    Perhaps I should be more precise: Sometimes, having done some manipulations in the TL, it happens, when running the Mini Player that the red cursor of the TL does not show the position in the audio wave that I can hear. Maybe that a modified position of an audio clip had not yet been updated. After toggling to the SL and reverse, the cursor is OK again.
  10. Timeline Problem

    Having seen the problem again, I repeat what I have already said here: There seem to be update problems in the Main Window (in large projects?). Having shifted images, transition points, and audio clips in the TL, the cursor of the TL sometimes does not run at the correct position. Toggling to the SL or re-opening the project cures the TL.
  11. I wonder if this is to be regarded as a bug, I would do so. It seems to me that the thumbnails in the timeline receive their input from the slide list. So if the slide list's height is small, and you enlarge the slide track height of the timeline, you will see blurred thumbnails.
  12. Toggle SL <> TL

    At present time I cannot give more detailed information, sorry!
  13. Error Message

    Today, I had a similar error. The file list showed a folder with a lot of MP3 files. I did some clicking in the file list. I highlighted some clip and played it. Then it happened that I wasn't any longer in the position to operate in the file list. I still could operate outside the file list. But whenever I placed the mouse cursor into the file list, it it was shown in combination with an MP3 icon (which followed the mouse cursor), and I couldn't do anything there. I could save my project, but when closing PTE, I saw a similar error message as above (I did not manage to catch it). I tried to reproduce the error, and started a test project. Again I did some wild clicking it the file list, and I produced an out-of-memory error, see attached image. PTE did not stop to produce these out-of-memory messages. I stopped it using the Windows Task Manager.
  14. Toggle SL <> TL

    It has already been mentioned by Gary (here) that there is a bug in the Main Window when toggling between Slide List (SL) and Timeline (TL). It happens in large projects (250 slides or more). I highlight a slide somewhere in the middle of the project, and it shows in the Mini Player. After toggling several times between TL and SL, the SL jumps either to beginning or to the end of the project, while the Mini Player still shows the highlighted slide in the middle. I have to start the Mini Player in order to get the SL back to the correct position. I never saw this behavior in V8. There also seem to be update problems in the Main Window (also in large projects?). Having shifted images, transition points, and audio clips in the TL, the cursor of the TL sometimes does not run at the correct position. Toggling or re-opening the project cures the TL.
  15. Index of Main Image

    I drag two images (Image_1 and Image_2) into the slide list. I open the first slide. It contains Image_1 as Main Image with index 1. I copy this image. I open slide 2, which contains Image_2 as Main image with index 1. I paste Image_1 into slide 2. Now slide 2 contains both images, and both have Main Index 1. This did not happen in version 8. If I then replace one of the two (different) images (having the same index) by Image_3, slide 2 then contains only Image_3, but contains it twice.