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  1. V9.0.21 from today solves the problem
  2. jt49

    P2E Version 8

  3. jt49

    Very simple transition

    You only checked the images in the two slides. As you see in the attachment: During the transition there are jagged edges. Go to "Manage transitions" and check Antialiasing inside the transition for the images that represent the slides. Jagged_Edges.zip
  4. jt49

    Very simple transition

    Nice transition! Just a recommendation: Inside the transition, use "Edge Anti-aliasing" for the slides, and make pan and rotation smooth
  5. jt49

    Key frame colour

    What are (in your opinion) default values for keyframes?
  6. jt49

    Copy Paste Sound File

    Hi MUR, keeping your knowledge as a secret surely is not a good decision. Many users will appreciate your contributions. But IMO you should present them in some other place, perhaps in "Tutorials & Articles". I know that only a very restricted group of forum members has access to this section, I don't have access either (a fact that amuses me). But this might be a matter of change
  7. jt49

    Copy Paste Sound File

    Hi MUR, the problem with comments of that kind (presenting workarounds in cases of suggestions for new versions) is that they can be regarded counter-arguments with respect to the suggestions of the original posters. In this particular case, copy and paste for audio clips is a feature that (almost) everybody would expect to exist. The best way for you might have been to support Barry's suggestion, and to add your method for the time when copy and paste does not yet exist.
  8. jt49

    Copy Paste Sound File

    Copy and paste is a standard operation, and it should not be done using a workaround. I have missed copy and paste for audio clips several times.
  9. I start a blank project (version 9.0.20) and insert one image. I go to some folder including an MP3-file. I switch to the fullscreen view of the file list (F3). I highlight the MP3-file. I click on the Add button. PTE freezes
  10. jt49

    Png Images

    Jose, if PTE runs your project with about 4 GB, my suggestion will not help you. It will help only you when creating EXE files. I have just made an example. I created a small project including three videos with total file size of about 5 GB. I could run this the corresponding EXE file while leaving the videos outside the EXE. In the present situation you might split your project into several parts, create several videos and combine them in a video editor.
  11. jt49

    Png Images

    It should be 64-Bit
  12. jt49

    Png Images

    Jose, did you ever try work with the option for videos (in O&A): "Do not include file to EXE"?
  13. jt49

    Run slideshow with return

    "Run Slideshow" means that the player included in the calling sequence plays the sequence that has been called. Thus a mismatch of versions could cause trouble.
  14. jt49

    How many 64 bit installations of Windows?

    Question: Shall we all we repeat our statements that we vote for 64bit User nobeefstu may serve his special customers (1, 2 or how many?) using v9
  15. jt49

    Do you burn DVD video in PTE?

    I think that wideangle's idea is a good one. If the stand-alone video builder would have the restriction to work with videos only (no PTE-projects) it still could a 32-bit application, and there would not be compatibility problems with new versions of PTE.