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  1. l do it in a similar way as Jill. I prefer a portable version of MPC-HC in the folder of the overall presentation. Calling the player can be done using a relative path, and the relative path to the video is added as parameter. The advantage of this method is that you can move the presentation folder to other machines. Of course you have to set the options of MPC-Hc that it starts at full screen and exits at end of playback.
  2. While giving a course on PTE I used my notebook with the notebook's monitor as Monitor 1, and a projector as Monitor 2. I started PTE, placed the Main Window on Monitor 2, and chose Monitor 2 for the Preview (Preferences > System). This was OK for the normal Preview (starting with slide 1) and also for the "Toast". The fullscreen preview from the cursor position only showed on Monitor 1 (not that fine for a demonstration). I opened the O&A Editor (on Monitor 2) and tried to change the options for the Grid. The Grid options showed up on Monitor 1.
  3. Photodex ended development of ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer in 2018. http://web.photodex.com/
  4. The world will go on turning if we do not have this feature, but I myself would be happy to see it. As long as I present my shows in an environment that is under my control, I will not need it. But as I take part in festivals, and as my work will be distributed among the regional groups of AV-Dialog (German umbrella organization), among the juries of Challenge 321 and others, it would favorable for me to have upscaling protection. IMO it is a good feature, at least it would be very nice to have it
  5. BTW, Beta 27 (August 16) still had this feature, and I did not check the subsequent versions if there were missing features without being announced. It is just now that I am going to submit something, and this made me notice that the upscaling protection now is missing. The project in question has been developed with PTE 9. In version 9 it has upscaling protection, but if I export the presentation with v10, it hasn't.
  6. If you add a feature to software, it will always happen that some users will apply it in a wrong manner We had a long discussion on this subject (fixed size, which is not really fixed but just a bound for upscaling) in September 2014. Some people liked it (like davegee and myself), while others did not. We must not repeat it. I usually develop my productions with images at full size. But before sending a show somewhere, I optimize it, which results in a smaller size and a smoother playback (depending on equipment that is not under my control). PTE claims to be a professional slideshow software, and not just a program for hobby users. Then PTE should offer professional tools
  7. The said feature hat nothing to do with downscaling, it just prevents upscaling, no more, no less.
  8. Removing this mode is not a good decision!! What is the main reason for using the fixed size mode? It is protection of shows from being up-scaled ! I typically optimize my productions for being shown at WUXGA (1920x1200). If I send it to a fried running a monitor at 2560x1440. The result is an up-scaled presentation with blurred images. The same will happen if people submit an optimized shows with AR 3:2 to a festival, where projection at FullHD is announced, but (what sometimes happens) WUXGA is actually used. The show will be upscale about 11%, again resulting in blurred images. The other way round: A user with a monitor of size 2560x1440 now has difficulties to develop a show optimized for a projector with a lower resolution, say 1920x1080. You suggest the windowed mode. I cannot accept this solution, as it shows part of the desktop outside the window. The fullscreen mode with an upscale protection it the appropriate solution.
  9. You can change the speed of videos (Objects and Animations > Adjust Time Range). You can create parent-child-constructions (including masked objects), and you can use these constructions again as masked (nested masks) You can create periodical animations via modifiers, e.g. using oscillation (play with the parameters) I think for you there is a lot to discover
  10. BTW: Questions of this type rather belong to "General Discussion" 1) What about creating a video that runs 15 sec.? 2) For animations you may use keyframes.
  11. I am missing "Fullscreen, fixed size"
  12. Ein automatisches Absenken gibt es bei PTE derzeit nicht. Ich benutze dazu die Hüllkurve. Manuell lässt sich das ohnehin wesentlich harmonischer regeln als bei einer Automatik, die die Musik radikal um 12 bis 15 db abgesenkt.
  13. This actually happened to me: Two camera bodies which happened to use the same image names.
  14. Sorry, but it is not clear to me if your answer refers to the first part of my question (single alpha channel), or to the second part (all objects with their own alpha channels)
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