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  1. Igor said (August 23): PTE 10 projects are mainly compatible with PTE 9 (if you didn't apply a slide style which contains additional images). Nevertheless I would follow Jill's recommendation.
  2. Yes, but only after clearing the cache
  3. Perhaps a misunderstanding ! ? In V9, in "Preferences > Toolbars", when ticking an un-ticked object it is to be seen (in the Main Window) immediately. And if you highlight an object, and click the move buttons, you see the corresponding movement in the Main Window immediately. This does not work in V10. When performing the changes You only see them in Preferences Window. Only after clicking OK, the new toolbar setting show up in the Main Window.
  4. Regarding toolbars, I have noticed the same effect as described by Jill (in several beta versions and in 10.0).
  5. I totally agree! People stick to some overpriced, old-fashioned products which they are used to. It's difficult to promote PTE, but I try to do my best
  6. The Website's link to the Online Help points to version 10, while the Forum's link to the Online Help points to version 9.
  7. jt49

    Cover screen

    This function actually works. In order to see the effect of covering the screen you should follow Dave's advice and set the zoom to 100%
  8. On one of my computers: RC2 uses "C:\Users\username\Documents\PicturesToExe\Templates" for storing templates, although in the Windows settings drive E has been selected for storing documents. Styles and Transitions are correctly stored on drive E.
  9. jt49

    Fit or Cover

    Project Options > Defaults ; tick "Cover"
  10. @Dirk1503, If you like to post in German, you may use the German section of this forum. Did you ever try drivers downloaded directly from nvidia.com?
  11. It seems to happen when topics have been moved
  12. V9 seems to behave in the same way
  13. I open PTE and start a project. While this project still is open I open a second instance of PTE. With V9, this works well. Beta 33/34 show me the following message that points to the template that I use for new projects.
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