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    I have also that problem. Bug?
  2. Problem is solved. I had to upgrade from 6
  3. Hi Igor, It's a great program! But: I cannot upgrade to version 8.0; I have 6; 7; 7.5; My videobuilder key: <...> I become the message: error: the license key is incorrect or damaged. Where can I find the right key? Thanks! Miet
  4. Hi, I have uninstalled AVG and installed Microsoft Security Essentials, and ... problem resolved (I hope). Thanks, Miet
  5. Hi, I use windows 7 64 bit, AVG free 2012, latest update (this day) and PTE 7.03. Why 'trojan horse' on my pte-exe files? After closing AVG, restarting, deleting the pte exe-files, also in trash, i can publish new my pte-work. Is the cause PTE or AVG? Mvg, Miet
  6. yesterday and today, AVG detect a trojan horse in my PTE-exe-files! Impossible to open them.
  7. Hallo, I use PTE for meditations in secundary school.
  8. Hallo, I have the same problem. With PTE 7.03 and AVG free (last update) on a windows 7 64-bit system. Today afternoon, I received the message that there is a trojan horse in a pte, exe-file. Since then, PTE is frozen, also when I restart without AVG. I have re-installed PTE 7.03, but no solution. What can I do? After disabling AVG residentshield, I can work with PTE.
  9. I have the same problem. What to do?
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