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  1. Hi Dave and others. I have been playing with the excellent transition of curling text, trying to understand it. Attached is one of my exercises, but my knowledge is limited and I do not know how that transition is made or how to see the code of it. Can someone help me? MUR Curling_extra.exe Curling_extra.zip
  2. I have no problems with the exe (W10) MUR
  3. I Can't open it and the icon for that is avidemux (video editor) MUR
  4. Yes jkb, I know that, but........ MUR
  5. Thanks Igor A warning like "That file is already open" is not possible? MUR
  6. Hi Igor Sometimes I open a project and modify or add something and I hide it, with the box (-) in the upper right corner of the screen , I continue working on other sub projects, Then I decide to go back to the initial project, but I forget that it is open and I open it again and I add something and I hide it. When I am going to save the additions or modifications, I have two files with the same name and different content. MUR
  7. Hi Is there any way to know that the PTE file that I intend to open, is already open ?, and avoid making modifications in two different copies, which is quite a problem to consolidate them. MUR
  8. Fantasies

    Thanks Chanffi22 and Chris4137 Of course I can share all these AV archives, but is difficult to understand them without and explanation, and my English is no good enough, to do that. The Stone Tower has more than 1300 lines in O&A, although they are very repeated. Anyway, if somebody send me an address, I'll send all the project MUR
  9. Fantasies

    Animation in PTE9 MUR Fantasies.exe
  10. Origami

    Hi Dave Very nice work. When I do a Style, the steps can be seen in O&A. How can I modify these (or any other) Styles? MUR
  11. Cut Out Text

    VersiĆ³n 2 MUR Cut Out Text v2.exe Cut Out Text v2.ptestyle
  12. Cut Out Text

    Hi Lin Thanks for the clear instruccions, how to use this style. If you select in O&A all the lines text1 and modifie one of them, the other modifies without copy and paste. MUR