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  1. audio track from video

    Hi jt49 I understand, but to convert audio files to MP3 and link them to images is a normal practice in PTE, (do you make zip files?), in any case, to do that in a "automatic" way, will be welcome. MUR
  2. audio track from video

    Hi denisb I do not know if I'm understanding well, if I add a video as audio, without the images and convert it to MP3 in PTE and link it to a slide, the sound is included in the exe MUR
  3. audio track from video

    Hi denisb When I need only the audio of a video, without the image, I opened it in Audacity and save the audio as MP3 MUR
  4. Size of images

    Thanks Dave, I understand it MUR
  5. Size of images

    Hi What is the optimal size, for the images in a PTE project with about 300 photos that will be shown on a 65-inch TV screen, in AVI format to keep the project in a "normal size" MUR
  6. PTE 9.0.16

    Hi If the background is black and the outer area is also black, how do I know where the slide ends? MUR
  7. Green Screen Animated Flags For You

    Hi Lin I am very happy to hear you. Thanks for this other excellent tutorial MUR
  8. A Little Demo Of Some PTE Features

    Hi Lin Excellent collection of new features in the use of PTE. MUR
  9. Version 9.0.16 installed without problems Thanks MUR
  10. I clicked Retray and then Abort. Can I click Ignore? MUR
  11. Hi Lin Very, very good MUR
  12. Problems with zip-unzip

    Yes, no zip and no exe, but it is not a problem, I used symbols in the names, in my file system, now I deleted them. Thanks for your help MUR
  13. Problems with zip-unzip

    Hi Igor It is not possible to save in folders with symbols like this in their names. (alt 30) ▲ MUR
  14. Problems with zip-unzip

    Hi Igor You were right, some master folders had non-Latin ascii symbols in their names. Now everything looks good Thank you
  15. Problems with zip-unzip

    Hi Igor I did't write that ? symbol, the computer add them in the dialog box MUR