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  1. MUR

    Newbie wants to put up an AV for Crit!!

    Hi I think that in a forum as heterogeneous as this, it is not possible to have a single opinion on this topic, but it is possible that what works well in other forums, can also work here, Two destinations for audiovisuals. 1 Final works, which means this is my work. Final point 2 Work in progress, I want your opinion (which I can accept or not) For me, criticism is the best way to learn, because teamwork almost always sees more details than the individual. I learn a lot even seeing the criticism of other works, MUR
  2. MUR

    Newbie wants to put up an AV for Crit!!

    If in this forum, the constructive criticism is bad, it is better to forget all about this topic, but can someone explain to me what is the meaning of this in Slideshow Club
  3. MUR

    Newbie wants to put up an AV for Crit!!

    Hi For me, if I post an AV in the slideshow club, I hope to have positive comments or comments with the opinion on how to improve it (not rude criticism), I can take these observations or not, but they will always teach me something. For example, I placed two weeks ago, my Christmas work "Christmas Collage" and I would have liked to have a comment. Any comment, In other forums, the project can be placed as a final work or for revision, in two different subgroups. MUR
  4. MUR

    Jigsaw Slide Style for a 16x9 Slide

    Hi Wideangle Very, very nice. Perfect synchronization with music MUR
  5. Hi Lin My best wishes for you to have a Merry Christmas and for your eyes to become normal again very soon MUR
  6. MUR

    Typewriter Simulator

    Hi harbrimar Search in the forum "typewriter" , there are many threads around this theme. MUR
  7. MUR

    Zoom in O&A

    Hi Dave and jt49 My mistake (but he new version is already cooking, maybe there is time to add another ingredient) MUR
  8. Hi Igor When the duration of a slide is long (several minutes), the key frames in O & A are very close and it is difficult to edit, I would like to be able to zoom in to see only the sector that interests. MUR
  9. MUR

    Slide List Standard View ?

    If you click on the little arrow at the bottom right, you have almost the whole screen to see what slides you have and you can place additionals. The size of the slides is regulated by the slide icon in the upper left. To return to the original view, click again on the arrow below MUR
  10. MUR

    Unlink zoom settings ?

    Repeat me what thread, I don't remember MUR
  11. MUR

    Unlink zoom settings ?

    Hi lacogada Another way to move it in relation to the image, but maintaining its position on the screen, is to change the numbers in "center". Each form is useful according to your needs MUR
  12. MUR

    Unlink zoom settings ?

    Hold the shift key and go to that point with the mosue, until you see a small hand and then you can move that center Keep the shift key and the mouse buttom pressed during the movement MUR
  13. MUR

    Painting My Pup Ruby///

    It remembers me, Penser avec son pinceau, from Jean-Pierre Dolangere MUR
  14. MUR

    Painting My Pup Ruby///

    Hi Lin Incredible, impressive, I will spend a lot of time thinking about how you did it. MUR