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  1. MUR

    Unlink zoom settings ?

    Repeat me what thread, I don't remember MUR
  2. MUR

    Unlink zoom settings ?

    Hi lacogada Another way to move it in relation to the image, but maintaining its position on the screen, is to change the numbers in "center". Each form is useful according to your needs MUR
  3. MUR

    Unlink zoom settings ?

    Hold the shift key and go to that point with the mosue, until you see a small hand and then you can move that center Keep the shift key and the mouse buttom pressed during the movement MUR
  4. MUR

    Painting My Pup Ruby///

    It remembers me, Penser avec son pinceau, from Jean-Pierre Dolangere MUR
  5. MUR

    Painting My Pup Ruby///

    Hi Lin Incredible, impressive, I will spend a lot of time thinking about how you did it. MUR
  6. MUR

    Blocks set' style

    Ha Jean-Cyprien A master of meticulous, precise and synchronized work. MUR
  7. MUR

    Monitor for photo editing??

    Hi Tom Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it very much MUR
  8. MUR

    Little Project For Tonight

    Hi Lin To avoid the problem with the easel size, I added and independent canvas texture. MUR
  9. MUR

    Little Project For Tonight

    Hi Lin I added a canvas texture. I am sending you a screen capture, because de project is bigger than 3,13 MB It works very well MUR
  10. MUR

    Little Project For Tonight

    Hi Lin When I was little I saw a Walt Disney movie, in which they drew a landscape in a similar way. I was amazed. Congratulations, it's wonderful. MUR
  11. MUR

    Very simple transition

    jt49 You are right. I did not pay much attention to its elaboration, because I do not consider it important. Thanks for your observations.
  12. MUR

    Very simple transition

    Hi jt49 It has already checked Edge Antialising. maybe using smooth speed for rotate and pan , help a little. But in any case it is almost a joke MUR
  13. Hi I think that this isn't something new MUR Simple.pteeff Simple_Nov24-2018_12-48-21.zip