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  1. Old exercises with text https://www.dropbox.com/s/5c90eum7ya6ttv2/Text in the corner.exe?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/uhut0a5yrumc92m/Playing with text.exe?dl=0 MUR
  2. Hi Aleina Excellent animation, from the technical aspects and the message. Really nice MUR
  3. HI Lin With spanish as my original language, thanks for the tip of Tinyspell, (by the way spanish and tinyspell produce boings ) MUR
  4. HI I have been using a long time the solution posted by denisb, and works fine for me MUR
  5. MUR


    Hi Rosemary You can also do this MUR As a comment, I use the free version of Photoshop, the very old CS2, that is my the default image editor in PTE (Download it from Adobe site)
  6. Welcome to the world of animations in PTE. I like so much your work. MUR
  7. To all the team. The best of everything for all of you. You deserve it. And yes, it is very nice to put faces at the names. MUR
  8. Hi If you rotate Y 180 degrees and rotate the page another 180 the total rotation is 360 degree, so you are again in the normal position Project1.exe
  9. Hi AV project in PTE with "Merry Christmas" in several languages. See it in Slideshowclub. MUR
  10. Hi LIn OK and happy new video card and power supply There is also a MP4 file MUR
  11. Hi Lin Very nice animation, about Christmas and New Year You can see in slideshowclub, my animation about "Merry Christmas" in several languages MUR
  12. Lin, you have been, for a long time, a guide in the use of PTE, look at Slideshowclub my animations in "Christmas Cards


  13. Hi Stranger2156
    As you are looking at the possibilities of AV Studio 10, you can see some animations made with PTE tools in Slideshowclub with the name of Christmas Cards

    1. stranger2156


      Hi MUR

      Great work, many effects are interesting, especially I liked the "breaking photo" at 2 seconds, "whirlwind" at 3 seconds and and the fan at 6 seconds. Thanks for the demonstration!


    2. MUR


      PTE is wonderful


  14. It is not the solution, but try "hide child objects" MUR
  15. Hi dwaalgast Try this: Convert an image and a sound track, into a video, with PTE or other software. Insert that video into your presentation. Now the sound belongs only to that image, if it changes the sound disappears. This is just an unproven idea. MUR PS I tried it and works fine, then I made this and also works. PTE x2.pte
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