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  1. Hi DaveyGravy If you know how to program visual basic for excel, you can select all the slides, in the PTE window, copy and paste them in an excel sheet and make a small macro. Copy the modified excel sheet and paste in the PTE window and that is all. (always work in a copy) I have never done what you need, but yes for other complex things in PTE, like to add 0.7 seconds to most of the slides in a long list with many diferents duration times. It's easy, fast and very flexible. I see that all the titles have an odd number and the images an even number, that makes the macro much easier, As a less rapid alternative, you can select in the PTE screen, all the slide with titles (with ctrl-click) and change the time in slide options, all the selected ones change as batch. MUR
  2. Thanks Igor. Bitdefender is no longer detecting Slideshowclub as a false positive MUR
  3. Hi Igor Now Bitdefender is blocking me Slideshowclub, because of Malware threat and it does not allow me the option to continue. I have been using Bitdefender for many years. MUR
  4. Thanks to everybody. To Stephen Hawking, for his great contribution to the understanding of space-time and his sense of humor, despite such a terrible illness. MUR
  5. Discontinuity in space-time. A joke in memory of the jovial Stephen Hawking MUR Discontinuity_in_space-time..exe
  6. Hi Bobtail A poor man click MUR Project1_Mar17-2018_15-31-32.zip
  7. Hi teducation Excellent, wonderful. A delight and inspiration, for those of us who like to play with animations with PTE. MUR
  8. (Solved) Problem

    After delete and reinstall PTE for second time, it works. The problem was the size of the project, I cut it in two smaller and works without problem. Thanks for your attenion MUR
  9. (Solved) Problem

    Hi Igor, I deleted and reinstalled PTE9.0.16, and now it does not open. I need to think what is happening. MUR
  10. (Solved) Problem

  11. (Solved) Problem

    Hi I am working on a project with many photos, videos and music. The PTE project works well and a mp4 (2.39 gigabytes) version also works. But if I try to make an exe file or a zip file, it seems all right but when I try to open them, I have these warnings. The computer has 1.8 teras of memory, 1.2 are free. MUR
  12. Hi Barry Excellent tutorial MUR People who said that have other methods, could show them here?
  13. audio track from video

    Hi jt49 I understand, but to convert audio files to MP3 and link them to images is a normal practice in PTE, (do you make zip files?), in any case, to do that in a "automatic" way, will be welcome. MUR
  14. audio track from video

    Hi denisb I do not know if I'm understanding well, if I add a video as audio, without the images and convert it to MP3 in PTE and link it to a slide, the sound is included in the exe MUR
  15. audio track from video

    Hi denisb When I need only the audio of a video, without the image, I opened it in Audacity and save the audio as MP3 MUR