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  1. Hi Is it possible to see the AVS? MUR
  2. Agree, it will be useful (mi vision is not 20-20) MUR
  3. Hi Igor The difference in color is only the shade of blue. this problem was solved some time ago, but reappear. MUR
  4. Hi Igor In O&A the colors of the ticked an unticked key frames, are very similar. MUR
  5. Hi Igor Congratulations for this great program and the large number of new and very useful tools. It has been a pleasure, to be part of the group that we have been at your side, during the development and testing of this new version. For someone like me, retired and who spends a lot of time playing with PTE tools, it is very important. Thank you thank you very much Manuel Urdaneta
  6. MUR


    Hi Igor I don't know if this happens only to me, or it is the fault of the latest Windows 10 update on my laptop, but PTE (including beta 33), frequently ignores the clicks and has to be repeated, sometimes they do things different than expected, as icons that disappear and with another click reappear, blocks and many things quite random. Sometimes when I replace an image in O&A, the substitution occurs but the name of the previous image remains or I try to delete a slide by dragging it in slide view, I still see it but it was deleted, if I repeat the delete action, then delete the next one. All this is normal in beta stages, it's just a comment. MUR
  7. Hi Ron Totally agree, the PTE family should promote this great software, because it is good for everyone. I have many demos about animation possibilities. I am going to prepare some that can be used as examples. MUR
  8. Hi Igor I have always expressed my admiration for PTE and the fluid contact between us and you, but to express your gesture I don't have enough words. Thanks MUR
  9. That message appears and disappears on my computer, without any visible consequences. MUR
  10. Hi Dave Don't spend more time in this, because it is not so important, After I finished with the zooms, I adjust the borders to similar appearance. Thanks for your time MUR
  11. Hi Dave Use this, thanks MURProject2_Aug3-2019_22-46-44.zip
  12. Hi Igor Normally I do the projects as several partial projects, and then copy and paste them into the final project. Now I can copy slides of a project but when going to paste it in another, paste is gray and does not work. If I close the previous project, then I can paste in the second one. MUR
  13. Hi Dave It looks good, but there is only one image without background. I want to see it with several images, all with a border and zooming only one. MUR
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