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  1. MUR

    Trying Fonts

    Yes, yes, yes. +1 MUR
  2. MUR

    Windows 10 Notification

    Hi Dave I have not problems opening it. MUR
  3. MUR

    Power of Color Filters

    Hi I placed in slideshowlub, other examples of possibilities of altering images in PTE without the need of other software. MUR
  4. MUR

    Video Editing Software

    Hi JudyKay I use Avidemux, a simple and free software that is enough for common tasks MUR
  5. MUR

    Using Shift modifier

    Hi Jean-Cyprien Thanks for that useful work. It opens so many possibilities. This can be used in short texts MUR Typewriter.zip
  6. MUR

    Abercynon Panorama

    I need to improve my english MUR
  7. MUR

    Abercynon Panorama

    Hi Dave: Very beautiful and the music helps a lot to the feeling of peace and beauty, although I did not understand anything (Latin?) MUR
  8. MUR


    Thanks Barry, I appreciate that. So much useful information. MUR
  9. MUR

    (SOLVED) Jumping videos

    Hi Igor I do not know, because I'm doing some projects, with lots of videos and music (around 4 gigs) and I have not noticed any changes MUR
  10. MUR

    (SOLVED) Jumping videos

    Hi Igor Is this the information you need? MUR DxDiag.txt
  11. MUR

    Power of Color Filters

    Hi Color Corrections is very powerful, I've done this little exercise to show how I use it. MUR Color Corrections.exe
  12. MUR

    (SOLVED) Jumping videos

    Hi Dave I only click a button in Dell Support Assistant, and it download and run the upgrade. Look in "IntelĀ® Driver & Support Assistant", I think it is there MUR
  13. MUR

    (SOLVED) Jumping videos

    Hi My computer is Dell and periodically Dell support assistant recommend something. Even though my drivers were up to date, it recommended running an Intel Graphic Driver upgrade (and the link to do it) . I did it and everything has returned to normal, no more jumps. MUR
  14. Hi Barry Agree, was only a joke. MUR