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Found 3 results

  1. Advanced Hour Hand CT

    Advanced Hour Hand CT: Advanced Hour Hand.pteeff Advanced Hour Hand CT Demo: Hour Hand Demo.ptestyle Add two 16x9 Images to a 16x9 Project and Apply the Style. N.B. "Advanced" refers to the property of the CT to work with the Splitter for Background Objects. See the Demo. DG
  2. Curling Page Project.zip EXE only. DG A BIZ of the project: Curling Page Project_Nov21-2017_8-14-51.zip This BIZ has been tested on 2 PCs and works OK.
  3. Custom Transition with Z: Jumping Modifier Sliding Away 3.pteeff I suggest a Transition Time of around 7 seconds. Demo: See later post Add 2 16x9 Images to Slide List in a NEW 16:9 PROJECT and Apply this Style. Set to Repeat Show.