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  1. Back in the early days around 2006 when version 5 of PTE was first released, there was lots of interest in making PTE shows using 3d Images. Lately I've had a couple emails from people who are interested in doing this and asking whether I knew how to convert regular photos to three dimensional photos. In 2006 I was interested in Lenticular printing, which is today used for holographic prints on things like driver's licenses, etc., and I had purchased a software called Pro Magic Lenticular Designer which among other things will allow the user to convert their regular images to anaglyph 3d. I made a couple little samples and other than a couple posts from a gentleman in Denmark, there wasn't a great deal of interest and the topic pretty much died. Now that it's possible to easily see our slideshows on television, there is again an interest being generated in creating 3d shows. There is at least one software company which produces a product to convert your videos to 3d so it's coming! With this in mind, I thought for people who have Photoshop, I would show you just how easy it is to convert any of your color or black and white images to anaglyph 3d. The anaglyph red and cyan glasses are available on Amazon and are incredibly inexpensive. Some can be purchased for under two dollars a pair including shipping! So below is a little video tutorial on how to do this. It just takes a few seconds and produces a very nice 3D effect for your color or monochrome images. I'm well aware that there are more complex things one can do with Photoshop, for example it's possible to make selections then change the amount of separation of red and cyan to a greater degree with features of the image which one might want to appear closer and diminish the separation in the background. That's for another tutorial at another time. The method I present will give a very nice 3D image for the vast majority of your photos and is a fun and quick way to enable using 3D in your PicturesToExe shows. With the enhanced masking techniques now available, it might be fun to experiment with parallax animations again as well - something to think about in conjunction with 3D images. Lin When you have finished converting your image to 3D as per above, just "save as" and save the image to a jpg and don't forget to add 3D to the name so you don't overwrite your original image.
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