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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, Is it possible to give buttons unique names where they appear in the box below Properties/Animation in Objects & Animation? Clearly I am aware that you can name the actual button as it appears on the slide but if you are working with several buttons hidden below other objects (Opacity 0) then the listing of Button 1,2,3,4....etc isn't very helpful. I thought we could do this way back in the dim and distant past but I can't find how to do it now. Thanks in anticipation, John
  2. JEB


    Hi Folks, I am building a menu in PTE 9 something I have done a number of times in the past. On this occasion one of the four shows has been converted to MP4. I wasn't aware that this would be a problem, being under the impression I had used MP4 in the past. However PTE is not finding any MP4 whatsoever. Should this be the case? Am I missing something? I am using "Run Application or Open File" from the drop down as a couple of the PTE shows were made on older versions of PTE and "Run Slideshow With Return" won't work. Advice please. I can't believe that this should be the case given that so many people are burning PTE shows to MP4 nowadays!!!! Cheers John
  3. HI, I succeeded to create a DVD with a menu. I am able to view the menu when I insert it in my dvd player attached to my TV. I am able to choose and view a video My concern ( issue ? ) is that I am not able to come back to the menu before the end of a video.... even with the menu option proposed on my remote control Any help welcome Dominique
  4. In the menu under 'Publish' there are two sections for writing an Windows Executable, one as an Exe and one as a zip. I think the same approach should be used for Mac, one for the app and one for a zip. At the moment there is only one section for Mac, which has buttons to select zip or app. It is only a minor point, I know, but I think this would improve the look and flow of the menu under Publish.
  5. Guest

    Creating a Menu

    I have just returned from presenting my Spring AV show to our residents. The show had 14 exe files from various sources & compiled into a menu in my usual way. After the third exe finished instead of returning to the menu page, I got a distorted green shimmering screen. The menu is a manual version of the auto menu I posted last week. To get rid of the green screen I had to use the escape key & re-initiate the menu exe. This happened after the following exe so I resorted to initiating each remaining exe manually & all played & finished correctly. I don't know if this is a bug, my hardware or something to do with series 8? The menu is just under 1GB. The menu was constructed on my new desktop & transferred to the laptop via a memory stick, it was fully tested on the desktop before transferring, & last Saturday tested on the LT, where I was ending the exe's early using the esc key & experienced a similar phenomena a couple of times, but put it down to not letting the exe's end naturally. I've just checked the help files & can't find a "construct a menu" section. So the question is has anyone had any similar problems? I will test the LT tomorrow using a menu constructed to run automatically to the menu page, with the menu page set to loop as described in my demo last week & report back.. Yachtsman1.
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