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Found 3 results

  1. Igor, If I adjust settings for an "Initial KF" in O&A I can adjust Pan, Zoom, Rotate etc and Colour Correction (Levels, Brightness, Saturation etc). Now, if I "Add Keyframe" and tick on the various tick boxes the settings of KF can be shown to make adjustments if required and are the settings made in KF1. However, the KF1 settings for Colour Correction are not transferred from KF1 to the Added Keyframe and when the Colour Correction Tick Box is ticked the Defaults are applied i.e. no correction. Perhaps I have missed something? DG
  2. (Extracted from CLOSE OBJECTS & ANIMATION, HOW TO? - Igor) ___________ Hi Igor, I am now trying PTE 9.0.3 and there it is, the close button, thank you. Now, 2 questions about v9: 1. I think that Blur parameter does not produce any effect on videos when it is negative. Positive values produce blur effect, negative do not produce any kind of "sharpness", but in late v8.0.21, negative values produce a kind of "sharpness" effect, most usefull indeed. Is this so? If so, is it not possible to add, in a future update, a Sharpness filter? 2. On Project Options, Screen, does Unsharp Mask only produce effect on computer screen itself, or does it produce effect on Published HD MP4 file as well? Thanks, Jose
  3. I am certainly missing something, but I can not find how to close O&A and return to Timeline (v9.0). On version 8, there was a "Close" button. Not now. Please, help!
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