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Found 2 results

  1. There seems to be lots of mouse clicking that has to take place when carrying out the sort of slide style editing/importing/exporting in the Slide Styles window.. I'm sure that these operations could be speeded up considerably if drag and drop features were introduced as an option. There have also been requests from Barry and JudyKay in the recent thread ‘Moving a Style’ for having sub-categories of styles, and for moving several styles together. Drag and drop would be very useful for all these operations. Regards wideangle
  2. Can anyone help me with this problem please? I’ve made a slide show in PTE 9 using a combination of the ‘3 portraits’ and the ’10 portraits’ wedding slide styles. There are 23 pieces of audio spread over 7 tracks and there are 113 images. The show is a fraction less than 8 minutes long. I can create a .exe file of the show with no problems but when I try to create an HD video version I get an ‘Out of memory’ message. This message appears multiple times in rapid succession. The process will keep running but takes up to about 55 minutes to complete. The resulting HD video file plays the first use of a slide style then the images progress no further. However, the audio continues to play as expected. I’ve searched online for a solution but haven’t been able to find one. Any ideas? Thank you for any help you can give with this.
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