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Found 1 result

  1. First let me apologize for my speech in this tutorial. A stroke took my ability to speak and I'm still trying to recover. I have created a tutorial to demonstrate how to use the series of snowglobe styles. In the links below are the zipped styles themselves as well as the zipped video tutorial. I will remove this post after the holidays but thought it might be something which could be of general interest in the meantime. Best regards, Lin EDIT One thing I neglected to mention in the tutorial is that if you want the time for the display of the globe to be less than one minute, AND if you want the snowfall to remain the same speed, change the time in the SLIDE OPTIONS. If you change the time in the style before applying, it will affect the speed of snowfall. A shorter duration vial the style adjustment before applying will result in faster snowfall. Because the snowfall is a constant speed via PNG movement, changing the display time in the SLIDE OPTIONS does not affect the speed of snowfall. http://www.lin-evans.org/tutorial/snowglobestyles.zip (about 8 meg total - zipped snowglobe styles) http://www.lin-evans.org/tutorial/snowglobetutorials.zip (about 75 meg zipped video tutorial) EDIT: Added Demo Zipped Video http://www.lin-evans.org/tutorial/snowglobedemo.zip (about 75 meg zipped demo of styles)