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  1. For new users of PTE and for inexperienced users and perhaps for old timers too: There are literally dozens upon dozens of great styles available for PTE but it's a little awkward to see what they do without clicking on one or more images and applying a style or at least selecting the proper number of slides and observing what happens in the "style" window. I have created a demo of over 90 styles available which makes it exceedingly easy to see what a style does and allows the user to pause and write down the name of a style they may want to use. The style demo show has a video control bar which can be used to quickly move to any region on the show and also allows the user to flip forward or backward using the right and left arrow keys. You may also "pause" and resume by pressing the space bar. I think this will allow users to quickly see the effects of the styles at full resolution and is much, much easier than selecting and hunting through the myriad styles available. If you don't have a style and wish to download it, I have all those in the demo and if you PM me I will be glad to upload any style you don't have so you can import it and use it. Links below to the style demo show for Windows and Macs. 4/26/18 Added Some New Styles To Demo - Download on Same Links Below... Lin http://www.lin-evans.org/styles/stylesdemopc.zip http://www.lin-evans.org/styles/stylesdemomac.zip
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