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Found 1 result

  1. Besides P2E, I have a few other similar programs that I use for slide shows including PowerPoint, ProShow Producer and others. I just saw the P2E 9 promo video and this shows something that I need to be able to do. I have version 8 and considering ordering version 9 upgrade. What I want is to have a video layer in the background playing and then be able to have photo slides or text slides overlay these. Rather than having a slideshow that automatically will play, I also want the option to manually advance as I wish. A good way to explain this is singing a song with the words that has the text against the video background. Verse 1 is over and verse 2 is manually advanced while the video continues playing across the background. The Home page of P2E indicates this can be manually advanced so believe it is possible. Is there a tutorial video or pdf that explains and shows how this is done? I have some need for this soon and hopefully this can be done. Thank you forum for any help.