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Eliminate gap between songs

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Maybe the first one has five seconds of silence in the audio file after the music ends. If so, the best way to cure it is to open it in a wave editor like Cool Edit or Soundforge and delete the unwanted silence. Even better would be to combine both files into one so that PTE only has one audio file to load when its playing back the show. Cool Edit can be obtained from www.syntrillium.com . Other people may be able to recommend a freeware program that has similar functionality.


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Thanks. Yes, it is exactly the gaps between the songs. Not noticable when you listen to the disk but when two slides go by in silence it's seems like an eternity.

I bookmarked the page but I would love to find some freeware too, or perhaps something in the neighborhood of $25. I don't need anything as sophisticated as cooledit appears to be.

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