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Deluxe Upgrade Success

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Over last months I have seen numerous problems when folks have purchased PicturesToExe and installing their key. Today I decided was the day I needed to purchase my upgrade, everything went smoothly, getting the new key withing 5 minutes! But then when I tried to install the key exactly according to the directions, no go, telling me it was invalid or corrupted. After some pondering, I realized I had one of the 7.0 beta versions loaded not the released version. Downloaded the 7.01 Rel and the key worked like a champ. Not sure if this has caused some of the issues or just the changes made by Igor and staff over last few months have gotten the kinks out.

Just wanted to give a kudo to the WnSoft staff for not only a -GREAT- software product but with the speed I received my new key and installation success(operator problem being the only issue).


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