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Image size for DVD

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Just a quick question which I am hoping someone can help me with.

I have some old shows made with 1024px X 768px images which I would like to put on DVD for playback on TV.

I have tried writing one show to DVD but when it is played back part of the images is missing, as if the screen has zoomed or cropped in.

What size do I need to convert the images to and what Project Option settings do I need to use?

Some time ago I remember seeing and hearing about a TV Safe Zone setting - but I can't find it anywhere...?


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Guest Yachtsman1

Hi Keith

First question, which version of PTE are you using.

I use 7.07, if I was producing a DVD for use on a modern flat screen 16-9 ratio TV, I would ensure the "Keep Full Size of Slide" box in Project Options/ Screen is un-ticked. This should ensure your TV screen picture has no black borders, but if you are using text, make sure it's well inside the 1024x768 boundaries.



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Project Options; More; percentage of slide to show main images. Use 90% for flat screen.

Use a frame or similar as Main Object and make everything else a child of that parent.

Apply to all slides.

Untick fixed size of slide.....


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