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Igor Kokarev

How to Solve Moire problem on images

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Moire usually occurs on certain images with high details and with applied unsharp mask. By default, PicturesToExe was optimized to show images with high details and with sharp picture.

If you find a moire problem on some images during Pan/Zoom animation, please use the following recommendation:

1. If you resize images in Photoshop, use "Bicubic" or "Bicubic Smoother" option. Don't use "Bicubic Sharper".

2. Don't apply Unsharp mask filter in Photoshop or in PicturesToExe.

2. If moire/flickering still appears, open the Objects and animation editor. Choose this image and in the Properties tab find a parameter "Sharper/Smoother". By default, this parameter is (minus) -100. Try to set 0 or even 50...100. This will eliminate the moire completely. An image will become more soft.

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