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Additional Blur Effect (preserving edges)

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When the blur effect was introduced, there was a discussion it the blur effect should preserve the edges or not. The present blur effect does not preserve edges, and the outer parts of the blurred image become transparent. This is fine in a lot of cases, but not in all cases. In cases when dealing with background images, or with images having a border, I often would like to see a blur effect that preserves the edges, and which leaves the whole image opaque (like Gaussian blur in Photoshop). If I remember it correctly, this feature has been announced for future versions when version 8 was released.

A request to all experts: Please do not post any workarounds here, I am aware of them :)

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I agree. I don't use the blur actually. I would like to get the Blur like Gaussian Blur in The Gimp with no transparency.


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I was one of those who didn't care that much for the blur option when it was added, because I didn't like the effect. To some degree I have come to accept it, but I would like it constrained like Photoshop and not to affect borders.

I expect this may give Igor and his team some headaches, because there is a natural crossover between PTE and image editing, but how far is that taken?

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