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Igor Kokarev

Excellent video card for PicturesToExe 9

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I recently upgraded my old computer at office.

We purchased Gigabyte NVIDIA Geforce 1060 WindForce 3 GB (there is also 6 GB version):


This video card works extemelly well with PicturesToExe 9. All effects and transitions are played very smooth. I think it will handle any effects in all future versions of PicturesToExe. I tested it at 1920 x 1080 and probably it also should work at 4K resolution.

I was pleasantly surprised that this video card works absolutely silent when I work in PicturesToExe 9 or watch any executable slideshows, or use web browser. Fans start only if I launch a heavy 3D game.

Highly recommended.

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Thanks.  I may get this.  One problem I have is being in a dusty environment clogs up the cooling apparatus and then the fan runs harder.    Not sure of a solution to this, but a less active fan would surely help.

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