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Video Editing Made Easy in Lightroom

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1 hour ago, JudyKay said:

I finally found a quick, easy method to do some basic video editing that I like a lot.  This will open up video use in P2E for me.


Barry--please create a tutorial on this!

Greetings Judy...

I am also trying to get deeper into editing video. You might have noticed in the site that you linked, it has a link to the DaVinci Resolve video editing program. If you go to that link,


and go to the very bottom of that page, you will see a download for a free version of DaVinci Resolve 12.5.6. I had downloaded it a while ago but have not had time to get into it. Seems to have a lot of potential. I will be looking into Lightroom too. Many tools, so little time.


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