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How to Change Metadata Dates of Videos?

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I have encountered a problem when I have to sort video files by its ‘Taken Date’.

When JPGs or videos are transferred from the memory card to the Windows PC, the ‘Taken Date’ shows up in the ‘Date Modified’ column of File Manager. No problem with that. However, the transferred GoPro videos files show the dates of the 'transfer', which could be days later.

This creates a problem when you want to sort videos in PTE using dates from an event that you used more than one camera, say, a Nikon DSLR and a GoPro. I have seen the correct ‘Taken Date’ in the metadata of the GoPro video files, so I know it is there. Why these dates are not carried over into File Manager as the Nikon video files are, I have no idea. Neither does GoPro.

I have found programs that will let you change the dates of JPG files, but not for videos. I’d like to know if anyone has an idea how to change the date metadata of GoPro videos, preferable in bulk, after they have been transferred into Windows. I have done a lot of searching  but have not found anything  yet. See the attached for an example.



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