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List of command line parameters

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I have been searching for a list of command line parameters to be used with exe-s. So far I have found a special section in v7.5 help and in the forum under color management discussion:

- cover (fullscreen mode) If your slideshow aspect ratio does not match the output screen, you still can use full screen, but have to accept some cropping.
- display X (x is number of the display). Useful in case of multi-display settings. Say you have another display (projector) as extended display and want to show your presentation on the extended display.
- slide X (X is the number of the slide to begin)

Color management specific:
-noicc - disable color management and color profiles of images (works as PTE 8).
-icc srgb - use sRGB color space
-icc adobergb - use AdobeRGB color space
-icc - use current monitor profile
-icc profilename.icc/icm - use custom color profile which is located in same folder with EXE.

Is that list comprehensive or are there some more commands that can be used with exe?



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If I remember it correctly, there are 2 other commands:

 -log -frametimes

I really wonder why the command line parameters are not included in the Online Help!

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