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This will be very simple for you guys. I went to adjust the transition time from the default as it was almost instant [ v 9.013 ] and I discovered that to do so I had to alter each slide individually. Is there a way to set the default as another time and transition...?


I may not have explained that properly but hope you can get what I mean..


Yours Aye



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Hi Andrew, the easiest way is in Slide view.

Highlight all the slides (click on one then CTRL+A to select all)

Then with them all highlighted amend the time in the transition box (top left next to the AB) either type a value or use the mouse wheel or arrow keys to adjust to what you want.
Press enter & all the slides should change to the new time.


If you want to change a new project then just adjust the Transition time before you add your slides.

You can save the new settings as a Template & set this to be used for all future projects.



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