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File to big for publishing

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I have made a slideshow that is about 5 minutes long, with about half the time as videos (2min 30 sec.) and half as images.

All the video files are in PTE converted.

The PTE file is 286KB. 

The EXE file is 340.706KB.  When I save the EXE file as a zip file, it hardly becomes smaller. 

The EXE zip file for PC is 338.238KB 

The zip file for MAC is 338.575KB

The PTE file published as an MP4 is 474,515KB

I was under the impression that zip files were compressing EXE files and make them smaller for sending over the internet.  Is that not the case?

Anything I can do more to make it so it can be uploaded to the "Slideshow Club"



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One  of the  problems is the the max size of upload files for the Slideshowclub used to  be about 240 mbs. Some time ago it dropped to 125 mbs. I have been asking Igor to increase the max size back to at least where it was, if not larger. With videos included in the PTE show, it makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to stay below the current max size. I have sent emails to Igor and he has been aware  of this problem but can't seem to get it fixed. Here is his last message from back in June. Nothing since.:

"I still can't re-configure the server. I tried two times to find and change this limit. Linux has so many options and variants. I found 4 points where the upload limit is set and nothing helps. And any software update may reset the limit back again. So it just terrible. I need a consultation of Linux administrator. "

I seem to be the only one who has posted about this problem concerning the max upload size for the Slideshowclub. Perhaps, you can add to this suggestion to Igor. I have a bunch of shows with video clips that exceed the current limit so I have not been able to upload any shows. I have reverted to just posting them on my Facebook page. No limits there.


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