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Beautiful imagery and perfect background music.

The very interesting thing to me is how it's perfectly possible to have incredible images without all the hoopla over dynamic range. Nearly every day I hear criticism on photo and technical forums that camera A has better dynamic range capabilities than camera B and how that's so terribly important to photographers. I call BS on this. Yes for certain photos and perhaps for forensic photography dynamic range may hold great value, but these images are perfect examples of why it's (dynamic range) not the be all - end all for photographers. Sometimes expressed dynamic range gets in the way of an otherwise beautiful photo. Sure, you could have adjusted the curves, levels, or shadows/highlights  on these photos to allow the viewer to see all the hidden details in the shadows and have rendered a show where the viewer could see highlights and shadow details easily, but then the entire damn mood would have been destroyed and the effects of the dynamic high contrast would have been lost.

Congratulations on producing a product which does what it was intended to do rather than conform to the expectations of armchair pseudo-experts of which many have never produced a photo worth spending the time to observe!

Nice job,

Best regards,


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Well. Thank you for those kind words and all I can think of saying in response is that Photography is and Art and those who can't see that is missing an awful lot. Here we are on an enthusiasts forum on ways to present that art, so perhaps that is accepted more here then elsewhere.

There is no better way than Audio Visual and PicturesToExe to present modern digital images in my view

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Once again Barry...  You are the master of great images...  Loved it.

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