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separator line ??

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I do have a problem... (And  I do not understand the "separator line"...)

I have attached a zip PT file with 2 images, image1 and image2. I have put legends to be understood: seq0 shows nothing; seq1 shows 1 image (image1); seq2 shows the problem.

In this seq2, I would like to have image1 static, already positionned after seq1; I want to show image2 with a transition effect and image1 that  does NOT  move; or image1 has the transition effect, like the image2, and this is  not what I want. I used the separator line, thinking that it would be the key; with or without this line that's the same result.

So what do I miss? How to get the effect I want to show?? (and is this separator line the key??)

Thank You for the help

Regards, Christian


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Hi Christian, I can't help with your show images problem, you have a bit of a mess there.

The separator is for the toolbar tools. See attachment.

Toolbar separator.jpg

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If you meant the Separator for Background Objects the above example shows how it can be used.

Two Images/Slides at 85% of Full Screen.

Separator (Splitter for BG Objects).

Main Image with Blur.

During the Custom Transition the Foreground and Background are treated differently. The CT operates on the Main Image and (in this case) the BG Dissolves from Slide 1 BG to Slide 2 BG.


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