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It would be a sad news, because this niche of software needs in a competition of ideas. I have always respected our colleagues from Photodex. Their products PSG and PSP were released later than PTE, but it always was an interesting competition - who can create a better product. I hope that they can stay in bussiness. And I can understand their difficulties, because nowaday the competition on this market became much more strong. We have to work very hard to survive. A lot of competitors who offer simple slideshow software with templates for beginners. Online services for slideshows. A hard competition with video editors and big companies like Adobe. I feel great gratitude to all PTE community who support us and it allows us create new versions of PTE.

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Whether or not they survive is problematic.  In many ways they painted themselves into a corner with coding choices which make it very difficult to move forward. I don't know this for a fact, but from what others have been told they were attempting to make a 64 bit program as well as a MacIntosh version. This would be a massive undertaking and would be very, very costly. It's too bad if they do go under, but their second in command is looking for a new job and they are not answering phones and the rank and file users are getting very, very nervous. 


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