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Apply the same slide style

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I am trying to apply the same slide style (namely the "Simple Caption" where the caption is an Exif text template). The value of the caption gets applied only to the first slide of the selection but not to the others (which i am sure have a valid value for the exif field). Is this a bug?


More generally, i would like to reuse the "Border simple" slide style but add a caption field (with the Exif text template) to the bottom and have that for all the slides of the slideshow. I know how do that for one slide with the objects and animation panel but how can i duplicate this to all the slides?

Thanks for your help

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For the Simple Caption Style to work it needs ALL slides to have a Main Image (Indexed). It will not work if the Image is added in O&A and not indexed.

Is that the problem?

To create what you want with the Simple Border and Simple Caption create what you want in O&A and then create a new style from that to apply to additional slides. You could apply the Simple Border Style and then add the Caption in O&A to create what you want before creating your new Style.

I hope that helps?


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Thank you so much for your advice.

All slides have a main image so i am not sure about what is going wrong. Actually i am picking all the pictures and drop them in the line. Then i select all the slides and try to apply the Simple caption style with the Exif description field (<%MainImg.Exif.Description%>) but it only applies effectively the the first slide of the selection. All the others remain with the "Your caption here" standard caption?


I thought about creating a new style as you suggest but i understand i need to buy the Deluxe version to have the capability to do that?

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Ah, now I understand.

You cannot apply that Style to multiple slides because it requires multiple entries in the Caption Field.

You have to, I think, do it one at a time. I will check it out later. Perhaps you should post this in troubleshooting. It could be that Igor will be able to help?


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