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Inside Out and Outside In Styles

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A few years ago The Dom created a slideshow of a cube with an accurate cubemap of space shuttle cockpit. The viewer was inside a spinning cube. Really cool.

This is just me just playing around. The top and bottom walls are distorted to be of equal length with the side walls.

16:9 format images. For some reason it green screens if you try to use video instead of an image.

Inside Out.ptestyle

Outside In.ptestyle



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Hi Tom,

You should mention that this style requires 16x9 images and include it in the Style Comments.

You could also put your Created Style into a unique Category (Tom 95521 Styles?).

I have tried to simplify the Style and came up with this. Essentially, it is the same methodology but looks a little simpler.

If the Style used Square images in a Cube then the need for the distorted image would not arise.

Inside Out 16x9 DG.ptestyle


P.S. with a 360 degree panorama you could split it into 4 and view it from inside the 16x9 cube :)

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Hi Dave,

Your method is much simpler and more accurate than my method. Your version works with videos too which is great.

I had a thought about the distorted top and bottom images. I replaced them with a floor and sky . A seamless panorama across 4 walls would be cool.

Thanks for the great tips,

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