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I have raised this before, but perhaps I can suggest it again. If an image is viewed in the O&A screen and that image is larger than the slide show being made. It seems logical to me that it would fill the screen at least up to where either the top or the sides of the image touch the slide show boundary edge. (Depends on AR)

However, when I want to use a smaller image than the slide show I am making, I find it annoying that every image is expanded up to the size of the slide show and I have to adjust each one back to its original size. 

I would really like any image I use that is less than the slide show resolution to display at the right size.

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Logically, if you want images smaller than Project Resolution to display automatically at "Original Size" then shouldn't ALL images be displayed at Original Size including those bigger than Project Resolution?

If your suggestion is for Igor only then I will delete this post, but if it is up for discussion then I think that your suggestion is illogical :)



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Maybe it is illogical, but when I make a suggestion, I do it from a practical users point of view. Meaning its an issue that I have to deal with time and time again. It can always be argued that the problem is caused by my way of working, but I do make smaller images very often and whether it’s illogical or not, I would like those images when dropped into O&A to retain their 100% size. If it’s possible and practical to do within the software.

Many use PTE for projected image competitions and here is another time where I have to check every image to make sure the author didn’t put in a smaller image than 1920*1080 and the software expands it up to a larger size then it should be.

It would serve no purpose if larger images did the same, as I would still have to go in and adjust them too. Perhaps it could be a preference.

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