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Do you burn DVD video in PTE?

Use of VideoBuilder  

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  1. 1. Do you burn DVD video discs in PicturesToExe 9?

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I understand fully, wideangle, and I sort of felt the internet connection was not necessarily a given.  BTW England is a fine place for walkers, and I have enjoyed using the stiles to go from field to field, in Yorkshire and the Peak district.

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3 hours ago, wideangle said:

 ... saying "as long as they have an internet connection....." is one assumption too far. Several don't even have a computer ...

It seems that this topic is about to loose its way. The original question is: Do PTE users still burn DVDs, and do they need a DVD tool inside PTE? A typical PTE users has an internet connection, and of course has a computer. Furthermore, a typical PTE user who is able to export videos with PTE should also be in the position to use one of the free tools to burn DVDs for friends who neither have an internet connection nor a computer.

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I rarely use DVD's now, but I find them useful for distribution to people who only have a TV and no PC. Yes they do exist. Also they are as far as I can see the only way to make a continuouss loop as MP4's can't be used for this purpose. So please keep the DVD facility "as is"





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