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Use of Drag & Drop in the list of Objects (O&A)

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In Objects and Animation, I would like to be able to Click and Drag an object (or group of objects) in the list of objects, in order to change their order (e.g. as in Google-Maps for altering the order of stopover places).

Presently I can right click on an object and then select: "Order / Bring to Front, Send to Back, Forward One, Back One".  With many objects on the list, it requires repetitive actions, which can take some time to re-arrange each object precisely in the right order.

I know that I can use the Hotkeys / Objects and Animation:

  • Ctrl+Page Up - Shift Object up one level in the Objects Panel
  • Ctrl+Page Down - Shift Object Down one level in the Objects Panel
  • Ctrl+Shift+Page Up - Sends Object to the Front in the Objects Panel
  • Ctrl+Shift+Page Down - Sends Object to the Back in the Objects Panel

Is there anyone else who would like to Drag & Drop objects to place them directly in the desired order?


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