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Though I have made these suggestions in the past, I have not yet heard if they might make it into V10. So, here they are again:

1-Add the ability to establish a default folder for each project. So when you ‘Open Recent Project’ or ‘File Open’ a saved project, the File Tree and ‘File name’ windows will always populate with the project’s associated image/video files located in that default folder.

2-Add filename’s extensions to ‘Slides’ and ‘Timetable’.

3-Widen O&A’s ‘Properties/Name’ input box to see more of the entry.

4-Add horizontal sliders in the ‘File tree’ and ‘File name’ windows.

5-Add a ‘Length’ column in ‘File name’ window (to see length of videos).

6-Make the ‘Convert’ window to always show on screen and not just as icon in Tray.

7-Allow the ‘Border’ setting to be made Global, with ability to turn off individual borders.

8-Allow the O&A’s default ‘Border’ setting (currently 1.5) to be modified.

9-Add in the ‘Project Options/Audio’ an additional option to ‘Add/Extract Audio File from Video’ (not currently obvious).

10-Allow the ability to ‘Trim’ a video independently of other actions. Add the ability to insert ‘markers’ to help the Trim function.

11-Indicate in the ‘File name’ window the non-main files that are used in a project with some notation (i.e., color or italicize, etc.).

12-Allow info to be inserted with ‘Insert template’ information for non-main images.

13-Add ‘Rotate’ to the Frame function.

14-Create the ability to copy all of the O&A’s settings that were made to one slide to another slide (copy/paste).

15- Currently, if you have a video clip followed by an image file, you can move the image file to the left (when in Timeline view) to shorten (i.e., trim) the ends of the video clips (an easy way of trimming the end of the video clip). It would be helpful to be able to do this to the beginning of the video clip by being able to move the video clip to the left to ‘trim’ the beginning of the video clip. This would allow some fine tuning of the beginning of a video clip as you can with the ending of a video clip.

16-Insert a check box to allow the application of a Slide Style to not change the Full Duration and Transition time of a slide.


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