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Igor Kokarev

PTE 10 main features

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Thanks for all your suggestions for the future version of PicturesToExe! Excuse me that I don't reply on all requests, but I read all suggestions. It's difficult to promiss firmly what will be added to PTE 10, because we have a lot of work for this new version.

Our main work is concentrated on the following major improvements:

1. 64-bit version of PTE 10.

2. Dark interface.

3. Mac version.

4. Hardware acceleration for the graphical interface (partially it's related with a Mac version to write as possible common code). This improvement will provide fast and smooth scrolling in the File list, Slide list and in the Timeline view.

5. Advanced slide styles and Slide Themes (groups of slide styles).

6. New fast video decoders and video encoders with full hardware acceleration for smooth playback of all modern video files.

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Hi Igor

Thank you for that information. I’m looking forward to seeing some of these major advances in PTE!

It’s also pleasing to see that you have acknowledged these other suggestions that have been made in the past. 

I personally feel that it is nearly as important to improve the efficiency in the working of a program as it is to introduce new features, so I’m very much in favour of the sort of improvements as suggested recently by goddi,  as I am for my own suggestions of more drag and drop approaches. 



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