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PTE9 Morasoft Transition not filling the frame

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In PTE9 I created an AV which used Morasoft's excellent Transitions #82 (3 'doors') and #91 (heart) along with standard transitions. The preview ran fine but when I ran it as exe it failed with Exception 00088F73. WnSoft response was that this was due to the transition using a video mask (?) which isn't supported in PTE9 - the workaround being to include an invisible video.

So whilst wating for a response I rebuilt my Av (exactly the same transitions) using PTE8 and the exe output ran OK and the all transitions take place full frame (1600x1200)

So having had the workaround I applied the 'invisible video' to my PTE9 version and now the exe runs OK. However the Morasoft transitions completes in the centre of the frame then expands out which is irritating -this doesn't happen in PTE8. So why doesn't the transition take place full frame - is there something else I need to tick / set ?

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Thanks, Whilst that may be one alternative, it doesn't explain why the transitions work correctly in full frame in PTE8, but in PTE9 the transition effect is in the middle of the frame, then expands outwards.

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