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"Use newer version of Video Builder" error message [SOLVED]

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I am using PTE version 9.0.20 (although I've found version 8.0.21 is also still installed)

I only recently discovered the Video Builder element of PTE (having previously distributed copies of presentations as MP4 video on discs)

However as these would not play on all "TV" DVD players  yesterday I successfully compiled a presentation onto DVDs using the (publish tab) "DVD-Video Disc" option. I also have saved the relevant ptv and iso files.

What I now find though is that when I open the .ptv files, the main window shows several of the .pte file icons overwritten with a grey box with the "Use newer version of Video Builder" error message.

  • I would be very grateful if anyone could tell me why this is happening and how I can rectify.
  • Do I perhaps need to uninstall the earlier version of PTE? (although I would have thought if that was necessary I would have been so prompted during the installation process)


Thanks  Mike


Postscript:- I did have a similar occurrence during the construction of the ptv / iso files, but then I opened and re-saved the relevant .pte files using v9.0.20, which I thought had rectified the problem as the icons thereafter showed "as normal" and the DVDs I went on to create worked OK - so I am puzzled as to why this problem has evidently recurred.

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Yes, VideoBuilder works only with projects saved in same version of PicturesToExe.

We plan to fully rework or replace VideoBuilder in future. This old app should be reworked.

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Thanks for prompt response Igor.

But if I open and re-save projects "v8" projects within "v9" shouldn't that avoid the error reccurring? 

- I'm sure some projects that I re-saved yesterday within "v9" are still now showing the error message when I try to reopen the .ptv files.







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