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Creation of a Slide Style help

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Although I have used P2E for some years, only now am I trying to create my first Slide Style, but seemingly have overlooked something obvious.

I am actually about half way through a family holiday a/v project. But following a sudden flash of inspiration I have re-visited one of the early slides in the sequence in which I used O&A and tried to make it a Slide Style.

(This sequence has one background slide. Then, one by one, four slides appear and then move to each corner, followed by a fifth that takes up about 80% of the screen. In total six slides.)

The creation process seemed to go ok, but …

1) To test this new Slide Style out, when I select six new slides and apply, apart from the background image, the next five slides that appear are those from the original sequence.

2) Now I think my error may be in the creation of the Style, and show two screenshots of that process.



P2E 01.jpg

P2E 2.jpg

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Your first image was dragged into the slide list and was automatically assigned Main Image Index 1.

The rest were added in O&A and need to be Manually assigned Indexes 2-6.

Any image not indexed is included in a style and causes the size of the Style to "Bloat".



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Thankyou Dave.

Kept reading your answer and looking at the respective page in the Manual.

The penny has finally dropped. Thankyou for your help.


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