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Change Video File-length not adjusting

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I had put  a video clip into the slides. But then I trimmed it down and just wanted to use 'Change Video File' to swap it. The trimmed video clip did swap but the playing length did not. The original length was about 1:48 and the new length is about :29. However the playing length stayed at 1:48 and did not reset to the new length of :29.

I think I have done this before with not  problems but now I can not see why the length is not automatically adjusting. The clip still plays for 1:48 with the portion after the :29 being just the last frame.

Any ideas....?

Yes, I understand I can just delete the longer clip and drag down the new shorter clip, but I'd  like to know why the clip length does not reset to the new trimmed length. Should it?


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Hi Gary,

I've experienced the same problem you described some weeks ago. My understanding is that we have two consider two different things : the slide duration and the object duration. The first time we put a video clip on the timeline the both durations have the same value but after if we modify the duration of the video clip object then the slide duration remains the same untill we decide to change it.  I am not certain there is a good other solution ! There are pros and cons. We have just to know that...

Best regards


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Thanks. It kinda sounds like it has been brought up before. So it is not just me. Seems like we should  have a choice for the 'change' to reset to the new clip's length, longer or shorter, of the replacement clip.


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