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I am considering purchasing a new PC laptop and looking for advise on technical specification.

I have quite a high end desktop on which I do all my image processing (LR and PS) plus AV building with PTE.

I want the laptop primarily for running completed AV’s through a projector

I would, on occasion, like to use it for PS and PTE demonstrations to Camera club members. I think a 14” screen will be ample as there is a 24” monitor available at the club which could be used for demonstrations.

I would appreciate general advice on Processor and graphics. What are the views on separate or integrated graphics nowadays?

I guess RAM isn’t a big cost issue nowadays I believe presumably the more the better. 8GB rather than 4GB?

I suppose SSD is best, though given my proposed use, I won’t need any more than 250GB ?

I’m trying to keep the cost down given the fact that it will not be used excessively. I have seen a number of machines in the region of £500. 

I need to consider USB and other connectivity. 

I would appreciate any advice. 



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