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MP3 sound experiment

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I just learned of a small program called Wavemp3, that actually converts MP3s to wav format.. but at the mp3 size! The virtue of this is that the wav will play on any system that can play wav's, without mp3 support. And again, the "wav" file is actually the same size as the original mp3.

I note this only because there are wonderful folks on this board who like to play with new things, to see if they have any hidden potential.... I don't know, myself, if such conversion is useful.... but I am sure someone would like to try their hand at this, to see if it makes any sense.

The site is: http://home.hccnet.nl/p.luijer/others.html#wavemp3

for the download.


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Guest guru

Hi Brian!

This little program can make a sense only for very particular applications, because the "*.WAV" files it creates cannot be played if there is not an mp3 codec in your system.

Like the author himself says, "what the program actually does is adding a so called "RIFF/WAVE"-header in front of the actual MP3 data" - nothing else.

So, don't think these .WAV files can be played with an old player that doesn't support mp3.

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